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Heat it's on - Elections for Party Presidency [3 days to go]

Day 2,276, 10:58 Published in USA USA by Osmoza Jones
3 days to go..
The final countdown has started!
Every candidate tries their best in these last days of campaign.

The elections for the PP are about to start, a big fuzz about the subject has installed in all chats and forums, it's crazy out there.

I encourage you to be very smart on how you vote, don't go for the foolish promises that candidates are sometimes sharing with you, don't trust the young and unexperienced candidates, they need to know their place in the society and be patient, their time will come.

For the Federalist Party, a blondy and attractive candidate has definetely caught some attention, her name is Blondeninja, she candidates for the PP, and in my opinion she has a big change in winning this thing.

Blondeninja's newspaper post for candidacy

That's it for today! Comment, vote, subscribe..let me know what do you thing about this whole useless fuzz for the PP elections. Take care.



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