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Hear my voice, the voice of Croatia

Day 1,598, 11:06 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Serbia by gogo master

As Croatian ambasador in Macedonia, I represent the voice of Croatia in Macedonia and I'm writing this article in the name of all Croatians... but I'm writing this article as Macedonian too because I'm tired to see how my allies, for which I fight every single day, insult Macedonia.

Click the following image to open video...

I can't understand something... how one country can insult another country 
calling her by other name, just because they are from different alliances ?

Perfect example is Macedonia, member of ONE alliance, but for many members of EDEN countries Macedonia is F*ROM, not because they don't like each other in RL, but because they belong in different alliances... I really don't understand.

I understand why greeks call us (Macedonia) F*ROM (but it's still wrong), we don't like eachother in RL, just because of our past and our present problems, but I can't understand why EDEN countries which don't have anything in common with Macedonia in RL, or they haven't even heard about Macedonia, insult Macedonia by referring to us with the reference F*ROM... Every country deserves to be called by it's name, Macedonia in this case 🙂

I'm still looking for an explanation, why Macedonia is called F*ROM from so many EDEN countries ? 😕

Is that because Greece is your ally ? Is this just the way you lick greek's ass ? I know that they are a good ally and you want to have a good relationship with one of the best allies, but I, as eCroatian ambasador in Macedonia, in name of all eCroatians I say Macedonia, not F*ROM, and every member of E/T should say Macedonia instead of F*ROM! 

As always, not every eCroat will agree with me, not in this game, but I know that only 0.0000000.......1% of you use F*ROM in RL.

Thats all from me, Regards.



gogo master
gogo master Day 1,598, 11:06

For Shout :

Hear my voice, the voice of Croatia

bezicni Day 1,598, 11:10


OneLoveLegijata Day 1,598, 11:11


Mr Pitbull
Mr Pitbull Day 1,598, 11:12


lovric505 Day 1,598, 11:18


lOoVoOl Day 1,598, 11:20

attention whore....

kaptolcity Day 1,598, 11:21


FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Day 1,598, 11:23

Makedonijaaaaaa FTW!

embeca Day 1,598, 11:24


D1NGRAUR Day 1,598, 11:28

Makedonija će uvijek ostati i biti Makedonija

banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,598, 11:29

attention whore.... x2

Rebelsy Day 1,598, 11:30

Makedonija će uvijek ostati i biti Makedonija

respekt RL Makedonija

ARISTOMAXOS Day 1,598, 11:30

fyrom + bulgaria

hail bulgaria united

Mahirowski Day 1,598, 11:31

I don't have any problems with calling Macedonia Macedonia, with all respect to Greece.

JetonGreenMan08 Day 1,598, 11:32

Comment deleted

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,598, 11:33

in game your fyrom for me... what about RL? i think this is not place to discuss about RL..

hail greece

oh my dear, flausino said attention whore to someone : D this is epic

lOoVoOl Day 1,598, 11:37

Dubrovnik if Macedonia is FYROM Croatia is FYROC

Z N Gorki
Z N Gorki Day 1,598, 11:41

flausino is in diskusion XD epic

NEmoN MKD Day 1,598, 11:41

Dubrovnik if Macedonia is FYROM Croatia is FYROC +111111

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,598, 11:42

flausino cCc 500 years cCc

and btw we dont have that FYROC in our name and anyway i don't care if u call me like that

tanasedaniel Day 1,598, 11:44

what mean F.Y.R.O.M?

embeca Day 1,598, 11:46

Comment deleted

tanasedaniel Day 1,598, 11:49 retarded boy,i don't make fun on that,i really don't know what means FYROM

AlenJax Day 1,598, 11:49

embeca vam je bugar,nešto ste mu se gadno zamjerili,.,.BOTE!

embeca Day 1,598, 11:50

Comment deleted

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,598, 11:50

What is the problem ? UN recognize FYROM as state. I do not see any problems when people call state with legit name FYROM.

Ante General
Ante General Day 1,598, 11:50

former yugoslavian republic of macedonia

tanasedaniel Day 1,598, 11:52

thank you ante

Aurelian Z
Aurelian Z Day 1,598, 11:52

You know he's right when his argument is a speech by George W. Bush.


Astral Macedonian
Astral Macedonian Day 1,598, 11:53


embeca Day 1,598, 11:53

@ante general - you mean Former Tito republic of mcdonalds 😉

AlenJax Day 1,598, 11:54

Bote Gogotu!

tanasedaniel Day 1,598, 11:55

🙂)))embeca,better that then the first name:)

Olegzi Day 1,598, 11:55

Because they are so scared, if they have guts, why just you don't say that in our FACE!
Come in Macedonia and say to someone f*romian, you mommy wont recognize you at home, we will change your identity.
SO dont pretend that you are thought guy!


Olegzi Day 1,598, 11:55


AntitalenaT Day 1,598, 11:57

И кој кур е поентава на статијава ?

Збирно место на сите малоумни националисти на играва ?

ARISTOMAXOS Day 1,598, 11:58

some in rl say lets call it north "macedonia" but if we see their culture and language "western bulgaria" would be more appropriate i think .... if we remove a third of the "country" which is "eastern albania" of course

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,598, 11:59

olegzi which drugs do you use?

PRCCCCCCCC in your face

eQuBit Day 1,598, 12:00

maybe because until u come to an agreement with us this is your official name?

Yes this must be it,,,

Stef40 Day 1,598, 12:00

Dubrovnik if Macedonia is FYROM Croatia is FYROC +111111111

JetonGreenMan08 Day 1,598, 12:01

eeeeeee sad sam se ziv usro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i zasto se svi vi kao makedonci nesto bunite kad je velika vecina stanovnistva u FYROM su albanci. jos malo pa vi kao neki makedonci necete imati pravo glasa.

prvo se morate rijesiti svoje vecine albanaca u drzavi ili cekate srbe da vam rijese taj problem !!!!!!!!!!

EnisMK Day 1,598, 12:01

Vote 93 O7

Persej Makedonski Day 1,598, 12:02

Comment deleted

McFresh Day 1,598, 12:02

mi e gajle kako me vikaat,ja si go znam imeto ako TI ne si go znaes,pa od kogo baram priznavanje cccc

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,598, 12:04


Stef40 Day 1,598, 12:07

Comment deleted

Circless Day 1,598, 12:08

machiato FTW

treba da odis da se ispitas malku, zosto koga ti gi citam komentarite isti se kako onie glupi vicovi, "Si bile 2 avtobusi, 1 bil crven drguiot trgnal za Ohrid"

P.S. poretardirana faca neam videno od tebe... i da definitivno treba da se ispitas od ljubov ne za drugo

HAIL F.M.R.O.G (Former Macedonian Republic of greece)

SpartakMKD Day 1,598, 12:29

Да јадете гомна сите.

Citizen name already exists
Citizen name already exists Day 1,598, 12:35

jebiga kad se gledamo preko nišana. al sam siguran da u RL večina hrvata podupire makedoniju kod njenog imena i evropskih integracija.

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