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Headless chicken report [2012 Military Summit][Part 1]

Day 1,849, 01:25 Published in Romania Romania by Naufragiatu

I am aware that the summit has passed already and a lot of articles have already been published, as pics from the summit have too. I may be late, but I do feel the need to put in my 2cents. So bare with me or simply click somewhere else. So this is what I’d like to talk about:

1. The summit from my pov (porn is not included);
2. New map + 3. Guerilla fights;
4. Other features and suggestions.

Given the fact the above ideas made up a huge article, I will break it down into 3 articles. This is the first one.

1.The Summit from my pov (porn is not included)

Yes, I was one of the headless chickens (yellow shirts / “official” summit staff) and ashamed I am not, quite the contrary! The others were sunsetter, matracuca, Stelu, vasile ionut cristian (aka vic), Fremenul, Little Hobbit, Lego-Kun (aka Gray Tabby), Hitman (aka Impresio aka th ryanam), Don Sorel del Super (the official unofficial driver). I hope I got all of us and haven’t missed anyone.

Gotta say the summit for us started a bit earlier, we had to make a few preparations, but it was nothing compared to what Plato’s official chickens had to do. And I do have to admit they’ve done a superb job with everything and I also have to admit that I expected Plato to be a bit cheaper with the whole shindig, but he went all in. Buy moar goldz? If yes, please use the “buy for a friend” option and type my nick there. Kkthxbye.


We had to arrange a few things at the HQ, Don Sorel del Super made a sh*tload of runs between the HQ and the airport, vic made 2 trips to the train station to get someone who canceled eventually (don’t worry, we’ll hold no grudge and the permaban heading your way has nothing to do with this. Just kidding. It does), help people with their accommodation and so on.

From 5PM we marched the angry mobs towards the the Erep HQ, with the headless chickens running around without direction for the official visit. There we had a glass of champagne, took a tour of the offices, had a good laugh, hacked Plato’s account (please don’t tell him, it’s a secret), wondered at all the pics from the Hall of Fame room. For all you conspiracy theory lovers, YES, it is a coincidence that the picture of the great empire is the Yellow Map of eRomania from V1 and that our T-shirts were yellow also.

Next we went to the establishment in the Old City where we got to know each other even better over some food, drinks and good music. Unfortunately it would seem the list of people who were with us got lost. Also in about 50 years time some secret pics from there will be released to the public. Crazy stuff happened there.

For some this was the end of the night, for others was just the beginning. A division of several q7 drunktards had rally point set on a certain room at the hotel. Unfortunately on the way there we lost Oblige (and his GF), ilphen and der(p)mont to the beauties of the Old City. Now.. what happens in room 1521 stays in room 1521, however certain unofficial sources state that a certain brandy distillery delivered it’s whole production to that room, the tuica left some people without the ability to form words, that English spoken by a drunken French is one of the funniest things on Earth and it is possible that a new sighting of the Joagar has been made and an audio footage may be leaked soon. Also other stuff like frost bites from smoking on the balcony, failed attempts on sexual intercourse between a former Country President and an overzealous serial suicider ruskie may have occurred.


3 hours of sleep were more than enough to get us going for the new day so early in the morning we got together in the hotel lobby to organize ourselves into teams for the visit to the House of Parliament. I got my team and went for a walk. Bad idea. During the visit, more walking. My feet were killing me, but had to do it for the cause!

After a short lunch we had to get to the Intercontinental Hotel for the Military Summit. Some few quick preparations and we were all set. I’ll get back on what happened during the actual Summit later in the next articles. Although it lasted more than it was anticipated, it finished sooner than most people would have liked it to, apparently.

Now… the PARTY. I myself got there quite early, fired up a laptop and got ready ((bought a cigarettes pack and got myself an endless supply of whiskey) to welcome the guests. Doubt any of them saw me as a few very cute hostess’ were there to help us out a bit. Again I got to meet a lot of people, drink like crazy, a lot of prizes were awarded (If you haven’t received your gold from a prize, no, I don’t know when it’s coming, but soon, for sure), gave a lot of “autographs”, asked for some (not as many as I would have liked though) on my yellow shirt (it’s full of funny quotes) and in the end, I was game over and had to go home. From what I understand the party continued afterwards and I am sure there are others who can tell you more.


10 minutes after I woke up I received an invitation to lunch via phone call. So, I got my ass up and went out to meet up with a few people for a few beers before they went back home to their cities. We got the chance to rememorate funny stuff from the past 3 days, tell each other our drunk stories and say good-bye for until we meet again.

You may have noticed I avoided to offer nicknames until now.. The reason is quite simple: I’ve met, talked to, had tons of fun with so many people that I might reach a character limit for articles if I metioned them all and I might still miss to mention some of them and I would hate for that to happen. For those of you who came, I sincerely hope you had a great time with us, visiting the city and enjoyed the whole Summit and I can’t wait to see you again. For those of you who didn’t come for whatever reason, I assure you you’ve missed quite a bunch.

Stay tuned for part 2



bnn555 Day 1,849, 01:27


Didei Day 1,849, 01:28

No boobs no vot!

turturica Day 1,849, 01:29

yellow conspiracy : )

bnn555 Day 1,849, 01:36

not even a picture 🙁

BlitzkriegDan Day 1,849, 01:37

Cam tarziu bre!

alzena Day 1,849, 01:38

: D

buru Day 1,849, 01:40

No porn? awwwwwwwwwww

ilphen Day 1,849, 01:48

Haha, Oblige somehow still got us to the hotel, despite stopping for shwarma, than you guys : D
Room 1521.. party animals. nuff said.

Darkslowstar Day 1,849, 01:53

lazy mf 😛

M Bogdan
M Bogdan Day 1,849, 01:55

zmeu de tastatura ti-ai facut autoportretul??
Ilphen, next time in greece, and also for a beer in germany:P. Sorry that i lost you=))).

Naufragiatu Day 1,849, 01:55

we kinda went back a little looking for you ilphen : P then... we concluded we know exactly where you are : in bucharest !

CornelB Day 1,849, 01:57

Q7 Drunkoholics ...

Where's my porn ??

pista2 Day 1,849, 01:58

shawarma makes people lost

M Bogdan
M Bogdan Day 1,849, 02:02

so true nauf, he was in bucharest:D

Cronoss Day 1,849, 02:11

Party Animals - Room 1521 - Brandy - The rest is History.

The Joagar was recently seen in the forests near Rasnov. It is a very peaceful animal which consumes alcohol in industrial quantities and during the nights, thanks to his over-sized lungs (so called snoring machine) when his beauty sleep starts, the paint will come off the walls. That's why locals have also named him the House Painter.

A few days ago The Joagar stroke again at the Intercontinental Hotel.

rdbl Day 1,849, 03:31

no boobs, no vot

Sunsetter Day 1,849, 03:52

You did a great job, sweetie.I' m proud to have been a fellow yellow shirt 😘

Sas Dragos
Sas Dragos Day 1,849, 04:03

1. ctrl+f "porn"=>> no results found
2. ctrl+f "sas"=>> no results found

1+2 =>> no vote!

Petsku Day 1,849, 04:47

Nice : D

Gray Tabby
Gray Tabby Day 1,849, 07:21

Too much alchool, but still not enough=))) Stay tuned for more in Greece

zmeuNY Day 1,849, 07:27

o sa ramain cu pornul Sas Dragos, si RW support + damage-ul dat impotriva eRomaniei pentru Ukraina

totMarius Day 1,849, 07:41

nau te-ai obsinuit sa scrii numa in engleza

nu primesti vot

buru Day 1,849, 08:08

I want to meet The Joagar so I will go to Rasnov and look for it 😁

Squirrel Day 1,849, 09:22

I'm so annoyed that I couldn't come! 😨 Well, see you in Greece then.

Stelistu96 Day 1,849, 09:24


Don Sorel del Super
Don Sorel del Super Day 1,849, 09:28

My name's "the transporter"... damn it!

TheYakuzini Day 1,849, 09:59

Vreau in Romana ca nu inteleg

Vlad Sabau
Vlad Sabau Day 1,849, 10:57


vladb Day 1,849, 11:01

Nice to see ppl had fun.

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