Harvad University

Day 740, 19:31 Published in USA USA by RomanEmpire

I pissed off some chan group that PTO'd Venezuela, so they started this forum thread. I have so far gotten 2 application messages, and am here to declare that we at Harvad want more students! To these guys who Captain Sam'd me, thank you! Your joke has just given me a couple days worth of entertainment, and maybe more!

We at Harvad teach our students how to troll failtrolls on the forums. Whether it be taking over a trolling thread to shut it down, or just convincing others to stop feeding the trolls, we will teach it all! APPLY TODAY, AND SUBSCRIBE TO THIS NEWSPAPER FOR MORE INFORMATION! Please, do not confuse us with that dreadful place "Harvard", they have no idea how to have a pompous sounding mane.

What are you waiting for? Join the experience today!