Happy Valentine's Day

Day 3,739, 22:19 Published in USA USA by MaryamQ

It was Valentine’s Day, and in every eLand
Plato wanted to see us all say “Ain’t love grand!”
Mitte started in Belgium with a cute eCard,
Hoping passing it on would not be very hard.
Here and there, some jumped on this big lovefest bandwagon,
But I found my muse’s feet were still eDraggin’.
Then I thought of my friends and my eFamily,
And I wanted to send them a message. With glee
I sat down at my keyboard and started to write
What I feared would engage me well into the night,
To remember them all, SFP, EZC,
And my former eCountries. ‘Twas a challenge to me.
So instead I will send out this message of love
To anyone here level 1 or above.
To all of you, please share the love, make new friends,
And enjoy the adventure until this game ends.