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Hanibal LA Wins.

Day 1,791, 20:26 Published in USA USA by Twon2012

Hanibal just took it away today with a great win for Party president. I can say this safely because the assumed PTO'er Pap25pap can not gain enough votes to win. This was a great win for Hanibal and the AFA is very happy with this big win. This is a great time to join the AFA as well .
Also I am the new Commander of the Team America MU so join as well!
Hanibal will be a great leader and he is one of the best in the party. All who oppose can suck it because he won big so its hard to complain with such a win. Join us in our advance to help make eAmerica the greatest place to live, well make it even better of a place. Down with the resistance of France!

Bonuses almost all back as well very happy with that!



Rona1d Day 1,791, 21:29

XDDD AFA allways fighting against America

do you want bonuses,go to China,we are not gonna be the serbian farm of food and weapons

le fuuu , vive la Resistance

Twon2012 Day 1,791, 21:36

"Haters wanna hate lovers wanna love I don't even want none of the above I want to p!ss on you"
-Dave Chappelle

AlexJ1890 Day 1,792, 00:26

"Bonuses almost all back as well very happy with that!"

Check again. LOL

Norbengo Day 1,792, 02:41

Great article o/
It feels good, doesn't it? :😁

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,792, 02:42


naturaIMystic Day 1,792, 03:01

if u listen carefully u might hear!! : P

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,792, 05:49

Comment deleted

destroyer17 Day 1,792, 08:46


Rona1d Day 1,792, 11:33

its not about the pto, is a strategy act of the government, derp

Twon2012 Day 1,792, 12:15

Strategy that does not work, or at least has no signs of showering it.

Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,792, 14:12

Comment deleted

EnterAwesome Day 1,792, 17:35

I do not support this article.

Twon2012 Day 1,792, 17:36

@ EnterAwesome...Care?

Don Ori
Don Ori Day 1,792, 18:28

Support, Hanibal is a real American soldier : )

Serdjo Day 1,792, 18:38

good job


Serdjo Day 1,792, 18:43

if I can recall my memory, in USA live people from all over the World

Serbians also, over 200.000 in Chicago only

so, USA is our Country too (with all wrong government tho)

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 1,793, 17:02


Twon2012 Day 1,793, 18:14

@ Liquid Oxygen, SHHHHH

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Day 1,794, 06:00

@ Ronald Stevens

Your STUPIDITY exceeds even Pizzas one!!!
Low bonuses MORON, CAN NOT deter PTOers!!!

You think that by reporting my comments you will stop me on showing the public how big SHITHEAD you are???

This ''strategy act of the government'' concerning the low bonuses, APPLIES ONLY to low IQ moronic MASTURBATORS, like YOU ARE, not to the normal citizens!!!

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