Halloween! UPDATED

Day 4,725, 04:23 Published in Israel Israel by danis1982

It's time to have some skele-fun this Halloween!

Lift your spirits, because we have prepared a special Spooky Weekly Challenge to pumpkin spice things up! You don’t have to go trick or treating to treat yourself: as you advance in the Weekly Challenge, you’ll receive goodies as encourage-mints for your efforts.

This spooky season will sweep in some powerful boosters to bust any ghoul. Work up a scare with two special boosters: the Dark Ghost Booster (Ghost Booster's big brother) and the Shadow Fighter BOOster (which doubles your damage but does not affect your Rank Points and True Patriot progress).

The fang-tastic news don’t stop here! Squashing your foes on the Battlefield this weekend will award fresh Pumpkins to the Top 6 Citizens based on their efforts.

Remember to put all the Dark Ghost Boosters, Shadow Boosters and Pumpkins to good use before Day 4,740, 23:59!

So stay spooky, get your treats and don't forget to carve out some time for pumpkin decorating!


Rewards for Top 6 Damage placement:

During the Halloween weekend, squash your enemies on the Battlefield and prove you’re among the very best, because in every battle, the Top 6 Citizens will receive Pumpkins based on their effort.

1st place 6 Pumpkins every 500 energy spent
2nd place 5 Pumpkins every 500 energy spent
3rd place 4 Pumpkins every 500 energy spent
4th place 3 Pumpkins every 500 energy spent
5th place 2 Pumpkins every 500 energy spent
6th place 1 Pumpkin every 500 energy spent