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Hallo eDeutschland!

Day 1,840, 08:26 Published in Germany Greece by MR11

Congratulations, your citizenship application in Germany has been accepted! You now have the right to vote, join a political party and run in elections.Your companies will now receive productivity bonus for resources found in Germany.

Hello and thank you for the acception!I am stelios001,I am from Greece and I came here in eGermany because I 'd like to help you to defeat your oponents and also I can help you to achieve many goals.I am good in politics and military.

I hope that we will have a good cooperation and a good time!

I am writing this article in English because I think that my German is not so good to write an article!But it's a nice chance here to be better in German!

Thank you e-Germans!
Danke schön!



Badass Dave
Badass Dave Day 1,840, 08:59

Welcome : 3

Ferdinand von Carlsberg
Ferdinand von Carlsberg Day 1,840, 10:19

Welcome to eGermany o/

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,840, 12:37

Welcome and good luck here.

Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 1,840, 14:32

ich glaube da bekommt einer ärger mit dem einbürgerungsministerium

omg_87 Day 1,842, 00:18

Still waiting for stelios002 and stelios003 to join the party...

MR11 Day 1,842, 13:12

hehe! 😃 there are not! 🙂

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