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Day 1,975, 07:32 Published in Australia Australia by greg L

You'll never have guessed, but I, Greg L. the eSpartacus of eRepublik has just been appointed Australia's Ambassador to RUSSIA and I am delighted for many reasons, here is one..... >>>>>>

OK then, call me shallow,.. see if I care.

I love Russia, mmmmmmmmmmmm.....

On a serious note...........

A Russian genius.

I intend to do as good a job I can and I am open to any suggestions that might help me to do so. I will work as closely as I can to be an intermediary between the two governments of Australia and Russia, I will also do the same to make as many Russian friends as I can.

Many Australians may not even know this but there are some big Russian fans of our beloved Rugby League, A MAN'S GAME. And they have been playing Rugby League for quite some time now, here are some images of the game in Russia.....

The top team I think in Russia... The Vereya Bears...

As I said, Rugby League is a mans game but Russian ladies have been known to play. I think the fact that Rugby League is played in Russia is awesome. Look out Kangaroos... The BEAR is RISING.





Binda33 Day 1,975, 08:04

No eye candy for the ladies = no vote.

irule777 Day 1,975, 08:22

Happy to have active new ambassadors 🙂

Hendaro Reo
Hendaro Reo Day 1,975, 08:38

dem stock photos

greg L
greg L Day 1,975, 10:38

of course they are, where else would I get them in my paper ?

Hendaro Reo
Hendaro Reo Day 1,975, 13:10

Not from Google Images

6PABO Day 1,975, 11:55


nimnul Day 1,975, 12:39


argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Day 1,975, 14:06

I hate cska 😛

HewRoo Day 1,975, 15:28

ah, cmon, chicks could have been better!

greg L
greg L Day 1,975, 16:47

they'll do me mate

HewRoo Day 1,976, 04:10

I am native russian mate, telling ya - pics could have been better. rl girls in moscow will make your jaw drop through the floor. not kidding, go and check it out yourself 😉

greg L
greg L Day 1,976, 04:43

Oh I know mate, I just didn't know how risque I could make it. I just love those legs, when you get to my age... they all look good.. lol

HewRoo Day 1,976, 05:20

Comment deleted

HewRoo Day 1,976, 05:21

well... then i have to agree - from this prospective they all look good indeed! good luck with your appointment anyway. have fun and dont drink to much lol. just let me know if you need any help with translation or anything...

greg L
greg L Day 1,976, 07:03

thanks mate, I could use a helper : )

Faiar Day 1,975, 15:54



Septimius Maximinus
Septimius Maximinus Day 1,975, 16:00

Long live mother russia! Long live the Communist Party of Russia!

greg L
greg L Day 1,975, 16:47

G'day Russia

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