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Guvernul Romaniei - Comunicat Nr.2

Day 1,846, 11:48 Published in Romania Romania by Monitorul Oficial

Buna seara Romania,

Venim in intampinarea Dumneavoastra cu ultimile informatii legate de legile NE, atat din Romania, cat si din Ungaria. Negocierile s-au finalizat astfel:

"Contractul Fierului"

Acest contract intre Romania si Ungaria include termenii inchirierii regiunii Bukovina. Acordul a fost semnat de catre ambii presedinti:

1. Ungaria inchiriaza Bukovina pentru o chirie de 70.000cc / luna (regiunea va fi inchiriata din fonduri private)
2. Romania are dreptul sa inchirieze Bukovina pana pe 07.01.2013
3. Acest acord poate fi prelungit cu acordul ambilor Presedinti.
4. Acordul se va anula daca Ungaria incalca acordul de la Timisoara.
5. Aceasta intelegere se va suprapune peste acordul de la Timisoara in momentul in care Romania va pune NE pe Ungaria pentru a cuceri regiunea.
6. Cand Romania va cuceri Bukovina , ambele parti sunt obligate sa foloseasca tratatul de la Timisoara.
7. Romania va dona echivalentul chiriei pentru o luna catre eMagyar Nemzeti Bank in doua transe, astfel: prima transa se va achita in momentul semnarii contractului , iar a doua va avea termen pana cand Romania va cuceri Bukovina.
8. Dupa ce Romania va avea NE pe Ungaria se vor astepta 24 de ore pana cand se va pune atac direct pe Bukovina (lupta pentru Bokovina poate incepe la ora 20:15 12/10/2012 ). Dupa ce se va cuceri regiunea, vor astepta sa se puna automat lupta si inainte de a se pune vor ataca manual Northern Great Plain. Dar in regiunea Northern Great Plain nu vor castiga.
9. Dupa ce va expira limita de 7 zile, Romania va propune o lege “fara NE“ in urma careia se va semna pacea intre cele doua tari.

Semnatarii acestui Acord:
CP of Romania:
Cp of Hungary:
Rajk Laszlo


Hello all,

We have a raport for you for the last laws about NE between Romania - Hungary . The "negocierile" have come to this :

The Iron Agreement

This agreement between Romania and Hungary include the terms of renting the Bukovina region. This agreement accepted by sign of both CPs:

1. Hungary offer to rent Bukovina for 70.000 CC/month (the rent will be payd from private funds)
2. Romania eligible to rent Bukovina region to 07/01/2013.
3. This agreement can be extended with an appendix that be signed by both CPs.
4. This agreement will be unfolded if Hungary will broke the Timisoara Agreement.
5. This agreement will overwrite the Timisoara Agreement at the time when Romania put NE on Hungary to reach the control of Bukovina.
6. When Bukovina is controlled by Romania both sides will need to use the terms of Timisoara Agreement.
7. Romania have to donate the monthly renting cost to eMagyar Nemzeti Bank ( in two pieces. First will become due after signing the agreement, and the second will become due when Romania conquer Bukovina region.
8. After Romania put NE on Hungary they will wait at least 24 hours, after that they put attack manually to have battle in Bukovina (the battle for Bukovina can started at 20:15 12/10/2012). After they conquer Bukovina they will wait the auto attack time, and before auto attack they will attack Northern Great Plain region manually. But in Northern Great Plains region they can not win.
9. After the 7 days limit will expire Romania will propose No NE law, after this the two country will sign peace treaty.

CP of Romania:
Cp of Hungary:
Rajk Laszlo

O seara placuta in continuare,


Hallas CAT
Hallas CAT Day 1,846, 13:26



Love talking about Brasil, but can't see his country, Romania.

(yes, you're romanian, i know!)

Myth0s Day 1,846, 13:26

Romanian girls

Elnoor Asteros
Elnoor Asteros Day 1,846, 13:27

Ukrainians why the fuck are you so retarded?
Romania is renting a region that is historically part of ROMANIA. YOU F///ING LOOSERS, ROMANIANS STILL LIVE IN THERE.
So, the problem here is not the renting of a Ukrainian region, but the renting of a Romanian region from Hungarians, which is quite shameful.

unualibro Day 1,846, 13:27

It seems to me Romania is a trial member for CoT 🙂

zmeuNY Day 1,846, 13:28

Finally someone has the guts to give the eRomanian population what it needs, and not just protect the interest of a few obscure groups.

A war, a chance at TP medals, and some action.

The young eRomanian population was sistematically discouraged and exploited because of the lack of wars, and the thriving of the big players with foreign citizenships.

Let's remember this is a Fighting / War Game. If you want to socialize and just collect items, please go to Facebook. Day 1,846, 13:28

Comment deleted

ne1ester Day 1,846, 13:28

nice 😮)

TalhaYlmaz Day 1,846, 13:29

orços piços

Wildrunner Day 1,846, 13:29

When Turkey attacked the allied countries?

Israel, Iran

Ukraine: attacks allied country Russia, turns a training war for missions into an occupation war for bonuses vs allied country : Moldova etc

Hail Turko-Greek paradise of EDEN! ROFL

Mustafa Kemal Atajerk
Mustafa Kemal Atajerk Day 1,846, 13:29

"Romania is renting a region that is historically part of ROMANIA. YOU F///ING LOOSERS, ROMANIANS STILL LIVE IN THERE."
Ukraine should stop intefering in Romanian internal issues 😃.

lll DEADPOOL lll
lll DEADPOOL lll Day 1,846, 13:29

wow this escalated quickly 🙂

Fibonacci Day 1,846, 13:31

@clawy: Who would be the condom then?

Fixxar Day 1,846, 13:31

Maybe now you understand the eBrasil
You chose Romania, now stay with her.

invaluable Day 1,846, 13:31

mamaligurs, bow before your master.

PsySchiffer Day 1,846, 13:32

where is cromania ?

Omino Day 1,846, 13:32

τι μαλακιες ειναι αυτες ρε ?

bullshit ...

Wallachian Day 1,846, 13:32

"MartinozDay 1,846, 13:14 Well in fact whole Bukovina is Romanian, without Stalin it still would be."

Not to mention Southern Bessarabia and modern Republic Of Moldova, all part of Romania which was stolen by USSR after the Ribbentrop Molotov treaty, just as they did in Poland and the Baltics. Ukraine is a Soviet puppet state.

So my dear Ukrainians who keep calling us gipsies: We are actually here from the beginning while you are the "travellers". I hope your tents keep you warm at night

4ndre1 Day 1,846, 13:32


Prince of Wallachia
Prince of Wallachia Day 1,846, 13:33

Once again eRomania have been fucked up by Nemesis !!!!

Sztandar Day 1,846, 13:34

That's EDEN. The best values in eRepublik.
"CP of Romania is a lolish puppet, or a Serb."
Simple math: 70k > EDEN



Bojan Figaro
Bojan Figaro Day 1,846, 13:34

Martinoz - vis! jajaja

Kolorowy Day 1,846, 13:34

Raul Doru Day 1,846, 13:30

i don't know about you, but better to be erased than to be ashamed... (:

^ You're an EDEN member, you cannot be more ashamed 🙂

Sztandar Day 1,846, 13:34

Dear Citizens,

This is an official ePolish Government announcement. We inform, that on the following basis:

-inner goverment debate
-Congress vote: 19 for, 1 against, 6 undecided
-all-Polish referendum resulting in over 75% votes for YES

ePoland left EDEN, Erepublik Defense and Economic Network. Starting from now on, ePL fulfills only obligations of its direct allies and declares complete independence of EDEN HQ.

Sztandar Day 1,846, 13:35

Our conflict with another member state - Romania reached its climax and it became clear that we cannot cooperate within one alliance on the current terms. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach any other solution, so the only way we got left was the way out. We cannot also deny that EDEN became obsolete. What makes it particularly uneffective is lack of common goal, once shared in a true brotherhood, now lost because of egoistic national factions of HQ.

Sztandar Day 1,846, 13:35

Still, we have some friends left in EDEN and we wish them all the best.


Smrtan, President of ePoland
Niko14, Vice Speaker of Congress
Sztandarowy, ePolish Spokesmean


King Solaris
King Solaris Day 1,846, 13:36

Romania, as always, betraying friends.. 2x

redbody Day 1,846, 13:37

Tjutg Simzb wrote 3 minutes ago

Romanian gov, WTF, really?

Romanians, if you don't wanna be forever alone and erased, just impeach that funny thing right now.

As Nataliia said, bitches!

Kolorowy Day 1,846, 13:38

Henrique CS Day 1,846, 13:36

Romania, as always, betraying friends.. 2x

^^ Who said Ukraine or Brazil were romanian friends? They just needed your damage 🙂 It's the same with Croatia. THAT'S EDEN.

Mustafa Kemal Atajerk
Mustafa Kemal Atajerk Day 1,846, 13:38

Awaiting romper's stance (and searching for lolish agents in Romanian gov)

Tophaneli AlemdaR
Tophaneli AlemdaR Day 1,846, 13:39

eiran is not member of eden.

and eIsrael war is only negotiated mission war.

Turkey does not attack the allied countries

stfu good bye.

sadaTEAM Day 1,846, 13:40

mergeti in plm de retardati, parca valahian e ponta, o sluga la unguri

Ivan Prokopov
Ivan Prokopov Day 1,846, 13:40

My dear Wallachian
If you love history so let's remember the days when Bukovina was part of Poland, and Romania was part of Turkey

Mihai ML
Mihai ML Day 1,846, 13:40

Bukovina is part of Romania.
read the history retards...

Rona1d Day 1,846, 13:40

xaxaxaxa u mad eden?

Stakerauo Day 1,846, 13:41

That Romania is renting a region which they don't have an eClaim on is a bit stupid, I agree, but I don't think it's anything to spam the commentsection for with childish and immature comments. I would like to see the Ukranian President accepting this and recieving the money for this, and if that doesn't happen; Ukraine still has my support should there be war. I also belive that the eRomanian congress should concider impeaching the current President.

Mr Panda Returns
Mr Panda Returns Day 1,846, 13:42

That's so nice of you romania to inform everyone about your epic fail before you got kicked out of EDEN.
*** eRomania --- trading allies for cheap iron ***

alpho Day 1,846, 13:42

One of the strongest Military Units of eRomania, The Homeland Falcons (Soimii Patriei), reserves the right to help eUkraine regain any core regions held abusively by eRomania in the following days if eRomanian Government chooses to hold some of the eUkrainian core regions against eUkraine's will. We will not accept betrayal at this level.
We few, we happy few, we band of Brothers.

theirina Day 1,846, 13:43




Artem Kudryavtsev
Artem Kudryavtsev Day 1,846, 13:44

Mihai ML Day 1,846, 13:40
it's a part of Ukraine read the google maps and gtfo

Benzo Diazepino
Benzo Diazepino Day 1,846, 13:45

Sh*t!!! I can't stop laughin'! this agreement made my day XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Equinoxx Day 1,846, 13:45

You don`t get it .....ahhh?
Ukraine give the money to Romanian to renting . The money is not from the state from a private donation .
Calm down guys ...romanian is not traitors

MattrimCauthon Day 1,846, 13:45


This is what you deserve, EDEN.
Nothing less, nothing more.

Leon51 Day 1,846, 13:46

OMG omg

Elnoor Asteros Day 1,846, 13:46

Comment deleted

Thomas765 Day 1,846, 13:47

Bahahaha. Got to love EDEN trading each of its members/allies for bonuses. First India, then Israel/Iran and now Ukraine.

Wallachian Day 1,846, 13:47

"Ivan ProkopovDay 1,846, 13:40 My dear Wallachian
If you love history so let's remember the days when Bukovina was part of Poland, and Romania was part of Turkey"

Bukovina was also part of the Hapsburg Empire. Im speaking about the vast majority of its inhabitants which always been Romanian. The soviets managed to change that by deporting 1 million Romanians to Siberia and Kazakstan. And even despite that we still have areas there where Romanian are majority to this day.

H U L K Day 1,846, 13:47

This article should be in Social interactions and entertainment.

This the most funny article ever !!!


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,846, 13:48

: |

elAngelo Day 1,846, 13:48

Hehehe you made my day - i lolled so hard:))

But Romania is right - Ukraina is deleted from months so Hungary own that region ....😁

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