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Guvernul Romaniei - Comunicat Nr.2

Day 1,846, 11:48 Published in Romania Romania by Monitorul Oficial

Buna seara Romania,

Venim in intampinarea Dumneavoastra cu ultimile informatii legate de legile NE, atat din Romania, cat si din Ungaria. Negocierile s-au finalizat astfel:

"Contractul Fierului"

Acest contract intre Romania si Ungaria include termenii inchirierii regiunii Bukovina. Acordul a fost semnat de catre ambii presedinti:

1. Ungaria inchiriaza Bukovina pentru o chirie de 70.000cc / luna (regiunea va fi inchiriata din fonduri private)
2. Romania are dreptul sa inchirieze Bukovina pana pe 07.01.2013
3. Acest acord poate fi prelungit cu acordul ambilor Presedinti.
4. Acordul se va anula daca Ungaria incalca acordul de la Timisoara.
5. Aceasta intelegere se va suprapune peste acordul de la Timisoara in momentul in care Romania va pune NE pe Ungaria pentru a cuceri regiunea.
6. Cand Romania va cuceri Bukovina , ambele parti sunt obligate sa foloseasca tratatul de la Timisoara.
7. Romania va dona echivalentul chiriei pentru o luna catre eMagyar Nemzeti Bank in doua transe, astfel: prima transa se va achita in momentul semnarii contractului , iar a doua va avea termen pana cand Romania va cuceri Bukovina.
8. Dupa ce Romania va avea NE pe Ungaria se vor astepta 24 de ore pana cand se va pune atac direct pe Bukovina (lupta pentru Bokovina poate incepe la ora 20:15 12/10/2012 ). Dupa ce se va cuceri regiunea, vor astepta sa se puna automat lupta si inainte de a se pune vor ataca manual Northern Great Plain. Dar in regiunea Northern Great Plain nu vor castiga.
9. Dupa ce va expira limita de 7 zile, Romania va propune o lege “fara NE“ in urma careia se va semna pacea intre cele doua tari.

Semnatarii acestui Acord:
CP of Romania:
Cp of Hungary:
Rajk Laszlo


Hello all,

We have a raport for you for the last laws about NE between Romania - Hungary . The "negocierile" have come to this :

The Iron Agreement

This agreement between Romania and Hungary include the terms of renting the Bukovina region. This agreement accepted by sign of both CPs:

1. Hungary offer to rent Bukovina for 70.000 CC/month (the rent will be payd from private funds)
2. Romania eligible to rent Bukovina region to 07/01/2013.
3. This agreement can be extended with an appendix that be signed by both CPs.
4. This agreement will be unfolded if Hungary will broke the Timisoara Agreement.
5. This agreement will overwrite the Timisoara Agreement at the time when Romania put NE on Hungary to reach the control of Bukovina.
6. When Bukovina is controlled by Romania both sides will need to use the terms of Timisoara Agreement.
7. Romania have to donate the monthly renting cost to eMagyar Nemzeti Bank ( in two pieces. First will become due after signing the agreement, and the second will become due when Romania conquer Bukovina region.
8. After Romania put NE on Hungary they will wait at least 24 hours, after that they put attack manually to have battle in Bukovina (the battle for Bukovina can started at 20:15 12/10/2012). After they conquer Bukovina they will wait the auto attack time, and before auto attack they will attack Northern Great Plain region manually. But in Northern Great Plains region they can not win.
9. After the 7 days limit will expire Romania will propose No NE law, after this the two country will sign peace treaty.

CP of Romania:
Cp of Hungary:
Rajk Laszlo

O seara placuta in continuare,


tubrok Day 1,846, 12:45

Shame on eRomanian government. People are different, I know

NisteD Day 1,846, 12:45

Alliance EDEN falls under Alliance ONE.

Mrt23 Day 1,846, 12:45

Comment deleted

0leksa Dovbush
0leksa Dovbush Day 1,846, 12:45

V spirit of EDEN!

Bojan Figaro
Bojan Figaro Day 1,846, 12:45


Jan Karal Chadkievicz
Jan Karal Chadkievicz Day 1,846, 12:46

Hail EDEN!...oh wait...

direct x
direct x Day 1,846, 12:46

in sfarsit baieti destepti la butoane. fie sa fie incontinuare.o7!

He ageKBaT
He ageKBaT Day 1,846, 12:46


Afrthdk Day 1,846, 12:49

Suntem chiar penibili. Chiar avem in sange chestia sata cu platitul birurilor la Poarta? Nu eram in stare sa luam bucovina pe cale militara daca chiar aveam nevoie de ea? Macar in jocula asta, am putea, va rog sa nu mai stam cu mana intinsa ?!?!?!?!

citizen MD
citizen MD Day 1,846, 12:50

e plăcut să văd că actuala conducere pune interesele cetățenilor (+20% bonus şi lupte pentru medalia de TP) mai presus decât interesele de gaşcă.

imamradyk Day 1,846, 12:50

go to hell romania

aladinus Day 1,846, 12:51

Logic ca de abia asteptau moldovenii o chestie ca asta... felicitari marelui conducator... ce urmeaza?

C.G.R Day 1,846, 12:52

go to hell romania +1

bigcdizzle Day 1,846, 12:53

lol Romania tries to PTO USA and Brazil, then stabs their best allies in the back by signing treaties with Hungary....sounds about right.

Valz Day 1,846, 12:53

Romanian gy...s, if you know what I mean.

kwaobus Day 1,846, 12:54

Comment deleted

Just Dan
Just Dan Day 1,846, 12:54

Fail Romania!
FFFFUUUUU!!!! You are black asses traitors!

Wildrunner Day 1,846, 12:55

hahahaha now that was a totally unexpected one X D

Bojan Figaro
Bojan Figaro Day 1,846, 12:55

du-te tu iad

Kyaaa Day 1,846, 12:55

go to hell romania +2

amk çoçukları ya

Julius Flavius
Julius Flavius Day 1,846, 12:56

Oh my God! you're the EDEN country! What are you doing!

Batyar Day 1,846, 12:57

go to hell romania +3

Pravoslavac IC XC
Pravoslavac IC XC Day 1,846, 12:57

HAHAHA LOL Hungary can conquer every time when they want...

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,846, 12:57


Hernu said this game is dead
Hernu said this game is dead Day 1,846, 12:57


Mahirowski Day 1,846, 12:58


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,846, 12:58

Ireland won't sign MPP with Romania any time soon.

CP of eireland

Hallas CAT
Hallas CAT Day 1,846, 12:59



Romania, as always, betraying friends..

Don Milli
Don Milli Day 1,846, 12:59

România lași!!!

Kvantum2011 Day 1,846, 13:00

Romania betrayed eUkraine one more time.
Go to hell, Romania!

Justino Figueiredo
Justino Figueiredo Day 1,846, 13:00

This deal IS NOT approved by the HQ of EDEN. This goes against everything we talked about and this goes against everything we represent.

I am sorry for making this public, but this won't stay like this.

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Day 1,846, 13:00


Slayer85 Day 1,846, 13:00

Romania remember, you creator and destroyer of EDEN

Agop Ocalan
Agop Ocalan Day 1,846, 13:00


Sultan Satuk Bugra Han
Sultan Satuk Bugra Han Day 1,846, 13:00


A State 0f Trance
A State 0f Trance Day 1,846, 13:01

Hail EDEN!


KargaReyiz Day 1,846, 13:01

Hard fail
Hail Украïна
Hail Türkiye
Fail romania

Karlo FTW
Karlo FTW Day 1,846, 13:01

Its rly sad to see what romania become..SHAME..if you romanians wont impeach this clown of president and its government then srsly..

DaddyCooL88 Day 1,846, 13:02

You are always selfish...I'm ashamed to be the same alliance with romania.

direct x
direct x Day 1,846, 13:02

UKR - you wont bother with us. we... give you a dance
don`t give up pls....

Apostol_87 Day 1,846, 13:02

Fail Romania!

Don Torleone
Don Torleone Day 1,846, 13:03

Shame on eRomanian government.

u r renting Ukrainian region from Hungary?

unualibro Day 1,846, 13:04

according to these, Romania is now out of EDEN. I am looking forward to see the which direction will take.

+ 1 Clawy
"So basically that makes Hungary the pimp, Ukraine the hooker and Romania the client.
All sounds ok, just don't forget to use a condom."

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,846, 13:04

Don't rent your brother's region from the enemy 🙁
It's just to weird for words.

Armanych Day 1,846, 13:04

No wonder, I always knowed romanians as enemies of Ukraine. Recall how they 'liberate' Podolia from Hungary. Hail Vigil Vox und Pan Xenonchik, EMC Ukraine as supporters of proRomanian course.

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,846, 13:05

Once again Epic Fail from Romania...

Kolorowy Day 1,846, 13:05

That's EDEN. The best values in eRepublik.

P.S. Until Romper shows up, I would like to make a statement on his behalf:

"CP of Romania is a lolish puppet, or a Serb."

There is no other explanation.

HAIL EDEN !!! o7

l u t o r
l u t o r Day 1,846, 13:06

guide of EDEN will not tell nothing to Romania because Rumina it is EDEN! Again and again and again...

Kain Propan
Kain Propan Day 1,846, 13:06


Strate777 Day 1,846, 13:06

Simple math: 70k > EDEN

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