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Day 1,320, 20:57 Published in USA USA by Holen

Lets picture a man named Gus, Gus works at The Company that makes Wisconsin Cheese, in those big circles, you know? Well, Gus, he milks those cows, Making it the old fashioned way, not to put strain on the cows, not to Industrialize The process, To keep things simple.

Gus, Well, Gus has syphilis, He is having an affair with his postwomen, She delivers a bit more than the mail to his house, Her route is always exactly 15 minutes behind its schedule, to the degree, that Shes started her route, 20 minutes early, To see if Gus can slow her up, those extra five, But anyway, Gus And His Postwomen, Have syphilis, Little does gus know, His postwomen friend, Some times charges a shipping and handling charge, after hours, Yes folks, The post lady, Is a Wh*re.

To get to the overall point of the story, Gus, Our Anti Hero, Enjoyed spending time with the cows, To keep them happy, healthy, Gus, Liked to f*ck the cows.

But you have to ask yourself, “Does gus know he has syphilis?” Yes, Yes he does.
He doesnt care, Hes become rather attached to a cow, Named, Sue, her moos of Passion sustain him.

So next time you get A Roll of Wisconsin, Old fashioned, Natural Cheese.

Think of gus.



Holen Day 1,320, 20:58

These are orders on how to successfully commit beastiality.

Holen Day 1,320, 20:58


Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,321, 06:31

No, Come up with new article material ; )

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