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Guerrilla Fighting Statistics Don't Lie

Day 2,423, 10:07 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Gun Street Girl
(All GF's take place on Gun Street)
Day 2423 of the New World
July 9, 2014

Two days ago, I urged eUSA to spend (some might say "waste") your fighting time doing Guerrilla fights (GF) instead of clicking the red FIGHT button. My reasoning was laid out in this article: Hey eUSA, Time To Do The Guerrilla.

I had plenty of feedback from people who complained about how tedious GF is. Yes. GF is tedious.

However, I want to present some statistics which I hope can convince some more of you to dive in this week. The more eUSA Citizens we have Guerrilla fighting, the more Gold we will earn as a Nation and the more prizes our Citizens will walk away with during the current competition.

One complaint I heard was that GF ruins your chance of scoring a Battle Hero Medal.


You may have also noticed by examining that leaderboard that I had far fewer kills than those beneath me. That is the crux of my argument, after all, that GF produces a vastly superior damage/energy ratio, and since this week's contest asks us to focus entirely on Damage dealt, GF is the way to go.

If that one single screenshot does not convince you, here are two more that should do the trick:

Here is where I currently stand in the National Damage rankings:

And here is where I currently stand in the National Kills rankings:

Why is this significant?

Because 670 kills so far this week means that I have not consumed any Energy Bars while accumulating the damage I have done.

My damage per kill is 524,563.

Compare that with the top three on those leaderboards:

Tsewell: 162,856 per kill.
Rhodesknight 231,362 per kill.
Zugai Kotsu (currently 7th with 2637 kills): 262,218 per kill.
cosimaStar (currently 5th with 576,119,825 damage): 73,400 per kill.

A higher damage/kill rate means that I am spending fewer resources in pursuit of the weekly prizes. It also means I am able to contribute to our National Goals at a more efficient (and perhaps higher) rate than I would otherwise do.

As of this writing I am at 500% of my personal goal. All without spending a single energy bar.

I already know that some of you don't like GF. Fine. I don't need to hear your reasons for the umpteenth time.

However, if you have been on the fence about it, I hope these numbers will convince you to give it a try.

Remember, it does not matter if you win or lose in GF, you will ALWAYS GAIN MORE DAMAGE THAT WAY than you can by fighting with Q7 weapons.

Lastly, I want to clear up a few other minor random details about GF.

1 - You will score more damage by inflicting more damage, so don't stop firing even if you are losing.

2 - You will be matched with someone of (more or less) equal GF experience when you enter a GF. There is a somewhat wide margin for what the means, but generally speaking you won't have to face someone with vastly more experience than you.

3 - You will not necessarily be matched against someone fighting in the same battle as you are. GF simply pairs you up against someone else who is waiting for an opponent at the same time you are. So if you want to fight against your friend in GF, simply attempt to enter at the same time and hope for the best.

Enjoy GF!

And remember, you can review the basics of success in Guerrilla fighting by reading the DoE article written by EZC Guerrilla expert Code-Y.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 2,423, 10:11

You're flooding my shout feed.

Gnilraps Day 2,423, 10:16

kinda on purpose.

nui04 Day 2,423, 10:21


nui04 Day 2,423, 10:37

and of course

Jasher Day 2,423, 10:24

I do have to agree with you on this even though it is SO slow and I like to two click faster lol

Here is one sample:
Used 100 energy damage with GF = 4.40%
Used 300 energy = 16 complete hits = 7.00% damage

Senaid007 Day 2,423, 10:33

2 - You will be matched with someone of (more or less) equal GF experience when you enter a GF. There is a somewhat wide margin for what the means, but generally speaking you won't have to face someone with vastly more experience than you.
Well not really xD
In 70-80% GF i get opponent with 1 or 2 bonus dmg xD
However i play Guerrilla because i do more dmg playing it!

SenoritaLaura Day 2,423, 10:41

What if you loose and don't do any damage to your opponent?

Gnilraps Day 2,423, 10:53

If you lose and do zero damage to your opponent, you will STILL get the same amount of damage you would ordinarily do with a Q7 weapon compared to the energy you lost in the battle. So if you do zero damage to your opponent, the GF was a wash compared to fighting with Q7

WhydoIbother Day 2,423, 10:44

my first GF today, i faced a guy whose record indicates it was his 163rd GF. It was my 4th. i guess it was an even match from win/loss perspective

Gnilraps Day 2,423, 11:03

They can only match you with someone who is currently playing... There are players with many thousands.

twyhein Day 2,423, 10:49

Really wrong. I have 0 bonus damage and I get 90% of fights against +1, +2 bonus damage. Out of those I manage to win maybe 10%. Have you ever tried winning with 2 damage less per hit? Those with 0 are just cannon food for others. I am forced to play it for damage, not to enjoy it.

Gnilraps Day 2,423, 10:54

It isn't that they match you with someone with similar bonus. They match you with someone (if possible) who has done a similar number of GF matches.

Also, there is a wide berth here, as they cannot always FIND someone who has similar experience.

twyhein Day 2,423, 12:11

There is no reason in this. I have many battles behind me, but that 'experience' is not the reason to always put me into slaughterhouse...

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,423, 12:03

You can see, before clicking the button, that there are X number of other fighters available for you. You`ll get the best matched one out of those.

twyhein Day 2,423, 12:09

I have 5-7 available at any time of the day and it doesnt change anything.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,423, 11:28

When you lose a GF do you lose 100 Health?

If you get no XP do you get no PP?

As you can see I am still with many questions.

Gnilraps Day 2,423, 11:37

you only lost as much health as what is taken from you by your opponent doing damage to you.

you get as many PP as matches the amount of energy you lost in the GF.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,423, 11:38

so if I die do I love 100? And so If I win, I also lose as much as they damaged me.

Zachary D.
Zachary D. Day 2,423, 11:34

Voted because this has been working for me.

DnPijote Day 2,423, 12:50

Yes, GF is the way to go, it gives you a nice boost to your damage, it's the best option for damage output/energy spent ... However in my case I'm trying to reach lvl 200 xD and I need all the experience I may get, and GF doesn't give me experience points, and it's boring and the fact that sometimes "luck" is not on your side, like missing 3 in a row at 90% while your opponent makes critical hits, is not funny

DnPijote Day 2,423, 12:51


Gnilraps Day 2,423, 13:43

the luck is very random.

I really don't like GF that much... I am only doing it this week for the contest.

Good luck hitting lvl 200, it's great.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,423, 13:45

I will give it a try as I am on the laptop atm. No way to do GF from the phone though (especially while at work).. 🙁

Gnilraps Day 2,423, 13:55


The Mike
The Mike Day 2,423, 14:02

How much dmg do you think I could do with 300ff? My hit is 135k atm due to a booster

Gnilraps Day 2,423, 15:58

Who can guess? I'd say multiply what you could do with Q7 by 1.75x Maybe 1.8x?

Iamnameless Day 2,423, 16:13

It's dull as can be but results don't lie: I'm racking up more damage, win or lose
(and I mostly lose).

Kanselier Day 2,423, 16:33

your forgetting about the gear costs for gw compared to q7.
Would love to see a detailed calculation off that a fight to be convincing

Gnilraps Day 2,423, 20:29

I'll work on it.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 2,423, 16:57

V from Canada.

E g z o n i 06
E g z o n i 06 Day 2,423, 20:38

vOTE guerrilla the best

Superferro Day 2,423, 22:28

GF sucks, but Vote for this article;)

Cthulhu.. Day 2,425, 04:40


ALEX KING Day 2,428, 17:52

Your calculations are extremely accurate, I dealt at least 50% more damage in comparison to regular Q7 weapon. Guerrilla fighting is highly recommended. Thanks for sharing with US.

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