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Guatemala - culture

Day 2,071, 12:58 Published in Norway France by Daniel Bernhardt

Guatemala Culture is the reflection of the Mayan and Spanish influences and the contrast is displayed well between the poor Mayan villagers in the rural areas wheres the wealthy, mestizos population resides in the cities and the agricultural plains and Guatemala is located in the most western of the Central American states. The advent of the Spanish had influenced the culture of Guatemala and the power went to the foreigners and their mixed race descendants the "ladino" was now the powerful inhibitors of Guatemala. Guatemala Culture is also seen in the architectural attributes and many Mayan ruins and colonial buildings are the living examples of this.

Clothing is another aspect of Guatemala Culture and it is seen that they prefer the traditional handmade clothing The womens wear range from colorfully vibrant embroidered tunics, capes and skirts which are the imprints of the History and Culture Of Guatemala. The detailing in the garments are embroidered so neatly that its easy to identify the people villages and enhances the multiple religious or we can relate it with magical words.

Music and dance also forms the very part of Guatemala Culture and the traditional dances outshine the common dance forms. The Mayan religious festival are the perfect place to watch the Guatemala dance forms. The cuisine of Guatemala comprises of fried meet,or grilled meat are often served and some Mexican varieties such as tortillas and tacos are also the second choice in Guatemala. Rice and beans are also eaten and pretty good numbers of Chinese restaurants are also found. Coffee is available everywhere and drinks are also an important part of the food and Guatemala culture.

The economy of Guatemala is based on the export of items such as coffee, bananas , sugar and other such tropical crops .Although all these has retained a minority of wealthy class but the major popularity is of the poorer sections and they are very much part of the Guatemala Culture and Guatemala in turn speaks a lot about South America culture.

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vif12vf Day 2,072, 16:20

i like these articles about culture!

Akashaton Day 2,073, 03:56

Nice work! Keep it up, and please stay in Norway. 😉

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