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Growing bored once more

Day 1,565, 06:35 Published in Canada Ireland by binksy

Only thing keeping me ingame at the moment is Friends MU

I am bored of fighting the same battle every day
we never seem to gain or lose ground
There is no purpose to our actions in these wars we seem to fight out of habbit

I am actually starting to miss the old eIrish political civil wars and infighting and back stabbing

I seem to remember having purpose back then
I could make a difference

Anyone want to give me a purpose ?

My only condition being i will not leave Friends

All the best



kronos777 Day 1,565, 11:25

ask your friends about their goal and help them to reach it, if they have any goal at all.

ultimate523 Day 1,565, 16:22

Get involved in politics here?

binksy Day 1,565, 17:01

i might actualy go back into the politics side of it

and i do try kronos but like most dont have long term projects or at least none i get involved in

crisfire Day 1,565, 21:03

you can support a pardon for Rolo

or be my sugarmommy

Cataract Day 1,566, 10:03

"...political civil wars and infighting and back stabbing"

Get involved in the eCanada politics. You'll feel right at home.

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