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Grain And Wood

Day 933, 10:32 Published in Bolivia Bolivia by Miracle

Our recent economy is not doing well.

We should start exporting more grain and wood to gain Gold from outside Bolivia.

Getting some license for exporting is a good option.

And probably selling at the black market to get some gold from outside Bolivia is a good option too.

We need to provide more gold at our monetary market.



Red Bull HM
Red Bull HM Day 933, 11:05

yep, you are right

Ernesto_Guevara Day 933, 21:27

exactly, INVEST in a export licence, gaining an expanded market to your production...

export or die!

cbravo Day 934, 08:56

vota o muere

NoFear ll
NoFear ll Day 935, 06:35


agrsv Day 935, 12:06

I think I will make Wood Company here!!
Be Ready Guys with My company.

HainY Day 1,671, 19:37

sub 182sub back. Thanks

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