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GP Survey Week 6 Results + Survey for future alliance

Day 2,129, 04:20 Published in Philippines Republic of China (Taiwan) by Al Raposas
Note: GP - Government performance

Five citizens answered the survey in the past two days. The sample size is around 1% of the total population of the Philippines.

The satisfaction rate of the President is markedly down to 40% this week from 62% the past week. Same can be said for the Cabinet members, though to a much lesser extent than that of the President. This can be rooted mainly to the lesser degree of "government presence" by terms of, for example, government published articles.

Let us fervently hope that the President will do more satisfactorily in the following weeks, and that be reflected in the following surveys.

Now, I am to give again another survey which is to be answered only by Philippine citizens in the next two days. For non-citizens, you can voice out your concerns in the comment box of the article.

To have more background on what topic the new survey is concerned, please read:

As we all know, the President himself proposed the Philippines to leave NaN, which was approved with a 12-0 vote. Now, this survey concerns what the Filipino people think the Philippines should join in one of the existing alliances in the New World, or they just cannot have some definite stand on this yet. In any way, please answer this new survey. I will be posting the results after two days and I am hoping for more participation from the citizens this time around. Thank you.

Answer here:

Check out the newly edited Philippine portal in the Erepublik wiki:

Yours truly,
Al Raposas
Former President of the Republic of the Philippines
Duke of Luzon
Second Commander of Philippine Military Academy


Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 2,129, 04:23

Shout to feed:

Survey for future alliance of the Philippines

kartalbey105741 Day 2,129, 05:57

first of all u are very slow. İ ready applied for your citizenchip u did not answer. Than u lost all ur lands.

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 2,130, 03:49

That is up to the discretion of the Congress members, really..

J O S E P H Day 2,129, 16:19

need to fix wikipedia as Canada is not anymore a member of ASGARD, now is trial of CoT same as France

PsyCoBolche Day 2,129, 19:07


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