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Day 1,903, 12:25 Published in United Kingdom France by Madacaion
A very civil service

So, as announced in butjams recent manifesto article, should you vote for butjam on the 5th a new civil service project will be unleashed. UKRP hq have been working on this for a while behind the scenes; refining, building, implementing and testing the design which we believe will provide the change to eUK government that we need.

Whats it all about

The civil service project addresses the disconnect between government, the people and the integration of the two. This project is about letting EVERYONE get involved in government - as much as they want - as much as their personal time allows. It aims to allow people to build up a proven record of service to the eUK community in an easy to read format. It gives the brand new players a chance to get involved with the ministries and government from DAY ONE of their erepublik career. The aim is to stop the ministers from having to do all the work - and allowing them to become more like managers, directors and mentors - giving feedback on work completed while also giving out tasks and ensuring they are done.

Very well and good but how are you going to do this?

A very good question. Thankfully we’ve got that covered: meet - the civil service gateway.

The home screen - from here you can see the up to date government positions, applications for jobs and your (or any other civil servants) CV!

So applying for a job will take you to a screen like this - as you can see the MoHA have a job up with some information. This is all test data at the moment until its populated with real jobs. So now you want to read a bit more about it and maybe apply. Clicking on the more info button brings you to:

Giving more info and the ability to go for that job!

Excellent. Now its time to look at your CV.

Just enter in your ID and all history of jobs and past government positions are stored on this easy to read page!

This is designed to give full visibilty to everyone in the eUK. Allow everyone to have the same opportunity to get involved with government and make sure that everything gets done without burnout of players.

Vote for butjam on the 5th - vote for a very CIVIL service!


p.s. HUGE thanks goes out to John F Baker and Darkmantle for coding/beautifying and kumnaa for hosting!


Madacaion Day 1,903, 12:25

For a very civil service!

Joku Gones
Joku Gones Day 1,903, 12:30

(sniff) It's beautiful

WayneKerr Day 1,903, 12:32

shame it'll fail... Looks like plenty of effort and thought went into it.

CheetahCurtis Day 1,903, 12:36

That looks great. Will it be used if other candidates become CP(besides butjam)?

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Day 1,903, 12:38

So damn hot.

Joku Gones
Joku Gones Day 1,903, 13:02

Hopefully, CC, but obviously we have no say in whether they choose to or not

Jimbobfrey Day 1,903, 13:03

This looks so cool!

alexg737 Day 1,903, 13:05

Looks great, I'm sure a lot went into coding it. Hope it gets a trial from whoever wins the election, and then carried on after one month.

Sexagenarian Day 1,903, 13:05

What's the point of elections if the people running the government stay the same?

Same MoFa, MoD, ...

Madacaion Day 1,903, 13:14

Sexagenarian - you've missed the point im afraid.

Its not so that the MoFA have the same people each time. No civil servant is assigned to a single ministry.

Each month the minister will change (depending on cabinets) but in this system the work is distributed and available to all throughout the term.

Say im a new player - and I want to get involved. I do a MoFA report one week and get my credit for it. Next week im busy so I dont do anything. Now I see a MoF graphics thing I think I can do so I do that. Next month after the ministers change I want to do more MoHA stuff and I have a week off so I do 3 tasks for them in a week but nothing for the rest of the month.

It allows people to get involved whenever they can into government tasks without having to make a month long commitment. Everything is recorded - and it allows more stuff to be done!

No-one is suggesting we have 5 players be the MoHA team until they are fired - this is a formal way of just advertising tasks people can do for the government and get a proper response, feedback and stuff on their CV for it.

Sexagenarian Day 1,903, 15:03

In a permanent civil service people will move to the jobs they are good at and enjoy, once there they will stay.

Anyone that thinks that this won't happen is in denial

So again I ask - What's the point of elections if the people running the government stay the same?

Madacaion Day 1,903, 15:50

Sorry sexagenarian - i'm perhaps not putting my point across very well

> it is not a "permanent civil service"

The only thing permanent is your own record of work (CV) everyone is free to take the jobs posted by ministries and the minsters (MoD, MoF etc) change each month to the cabinet organised by the CP.

Is that clearer?

Sexagenarian Day 1,903, 16:10

It will still lead to the same group of people doing the same things every month with minor changes.

You have a very limited set of volunteers so there isn't the numbers available to make the scheme work.

Darkmantle Day 1,903, 16:36

Yes but at least gives them the option to change - also gives people the option to only do work when they need too instead of doing repeat work. If one week they don't do something, someone else can pick it up.

It also means people can simply say "2 months working for govt" instead of "2 months for MoHA" - there are plenty who will do different things.

Bohemond4 Day 1,903, 18:36

It will still lead to the same group of people doing the same things every month with minor changes.

how is this any different to what we have normally? this merely formalises the same volunteers that always step up to write articles, be ambassadors, distribute supplies etc.

Jimbojoy Day 1,903, 19:14

Holy crap this is awesome.

surferdude Day 1,903, 21:43

The "apply for this task" button is broken

Darkmantle Day 1,904, 02:40

@Surferdude - Most of the buttons aren't hooked into anything yet - however that will all be done ready for the 6th/7th (new term). Doing most of it today in fact.

Bohemond4: This also gives the Ministries much more exposure - you can see the type of tasks one would be expected to do within the Ministries, it lets you choose specifically what YOU want to do, it lets you work across the government as a whole, etc. If people choose to use it in that way that's their choicebut there are those who will choose to use it differently.

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