Goons liberate China

Day 541, 01:53 Published in China China by Snayke

Although fighting was bloody across the nation, it was not for nothing. Beijing, the centre of power in China, has been finally secured by the forces of Goon. The Iranian devils have either surrendered or fell in battle. The glorious Goons have freed the entire city of Iranian tyrants.

Snayke was made the new president of China when the city was secured and spoke to those who fought with their brothers in arms in a bid for Chinese freedom.

"Our struggle against the Iranian occupiers, although seemingly futile at the start, has transformed into the fierce resistance that we bore witness to today. Through courage, honour and loyalty, we have driven the tyrants from our cities and our homes. But the fight is not over. No doubt they will come back when they learn of their defeat, but we will be ready. Together we will fight for our freedom, together we will rebuild our glorious nation. A new government will be formed in the coming days who will pursue goals to strengthen our country and protect us from the ensuing chaos. This is a glorious day for China, remember it with pride."