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Goodbye ~~> [Nader]

Day 2,197, 16:57 Published in Iran Iran by Nader.ImmOrtal



Nader.ImmOrtal Day 2,197, 16:58


IRANGODFATHER Day 2,197, 20:51


sarah120 Day 2,197, 22:03


pejmaaan Day 2,198, 02:25

تخت گاز رفتی موتور سوزوندی؟؟

11Julius11 Day 2,198, 12:08

شمعاش خال انداخته

Blue Squid the legend
Blue Squid the legend Day 2,198, 02:45


AMIRKABIR72 Day 2,198, 03:26


H a m p a
H a m p a Day 2,198, 12:25


Public.Enemy Day 2,199, 11:32

واقعا حق داره
چقدر با جون دل مایه گذاشت آخرشم هیچی
نادر جان موفق باشی


TemujinBC Day 2,197, 16:59

Speak English or Get Out, hashari konande hasti o/

Princess satan
Princess satan Day 2,197, 17:00

kojaaa? budi hala:| ajaba

Princess satan
Princess satan Day 2,197, 17:02

ina hamash taghsire farhad majide to oj khodahafezi kard baes shod melato jav begir to oj khodahafezi konan 😐

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 2,197, 17:04

Good luck in real life.

Comment deleted

A V C Khalifa
A V C Khalifa Day 2,197, 17:05

good luck amici!! o/

VanHackez Day 2,197, 17:06

Good luck!

Léon Reno Day 2,197, 17:08

Comment deleted

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Day 2,197, 17:08

Well, we'll stay in touch for sure. Enjoy your RL dude.

Komodor64 Day 2,197, 17:20

take care keke

Trio The Great
Trio The Great Day 2,197, 17:25

باز این شروع کرد 😐

Groove Connection
Groove Connection Day 2,197, 17:27

what happened man

M.papali Day 2,197, 17:29

movafagh bashi dadash

kheyli delam gereft emshab az raftanet 🙁

Hinrich Boll
Hinrich Boll Day 2,197, 17:43

good luck in RL aziz

dr.kenshi Day 2,197, 17:57

mofavag bashi

mamad ahmadi
mamad ahmadi Day 2,197, 18:18


Melk0r Day 2,197, 19:51

nader? 😒

YutuKaron Day 2,197, 20:13

Fail to fakers!

kiarash..razor Day 2,197, 21:38

Comment deleted

YutuKaron Day 2,197, 22:25

noch eine fakiranin fake!

kiarash..razor Day 2,197, 22:26

Comment deleted

Mishbili Day 2,198, 00:02

Comment deleted

THE.Grimm Day 2,198, 01:55

fail dealbreakers and lickers to

mobin.print Day 2,198, 04:22

Comment deleted

YutuKaron Day 2,198, 06:34

mobin, sure, when u want want i am ready to shut ur the f*** up, baby!

MIRNAM Day 2,198, 05:07

Comment deleted

PeyRock Day 2,198, 05:42

Comment deleted

PeyRock Day 2,198, 05:43

Comment deleted

YutuKaron Day 2,198, 06:32

Peyrock! did not ur mom teach you not talk with ur dad in this way! What a bad culture, Fakiranian!

YutuKaron Day 2,198, 06:31

there can be no respect to faker!

l a n e r o n
l a n e r o n Day 2,198, 06:39

ok son .. we just finished ... you are free to get out from your room ... dont forget to bring out the clean paper's which we used ... also .. you have a small tip behind the desk .... joy ful MILF you have . congrats

YutuKaron Day 2,198, 06:44

ahh, Mr. Hero Mastrubator is also here, hello baby, I am sorry that u lost ur brain while penetrating ur poor body with this evil action...May ur Fakiranian doctors help you, but it seems you are not listening to older people and using internet, it is very bad very very bad for u, listen to doctors and go sleep!

PeyRock Day 2,198, 14:06

Comment deleted

riza11 Day 2,197, 20:56


Slayer85 Day 2,197, 21:16

Good luck in RL

Kaaveh Ahangar
Kaaveh Ahangar Day 2,197, 21:27

بیخیال داداش
این دفه نه از این نوع بیخیال ها
از همون بیخیال های خودت
بکش بیرون از بازی که ارزش نداره
Good Luck

kiarash..razor Day 2,197, 21:41

نادر نری که دیگه نیای ها! برگرد باز 🙁
کاراتو ردیف کن یه استراحتی بده به خودت بعدا برگرد.
موفق باشی

persian vampire
persian vampire Day 2,197, 22:29



Dio Makinami
Dio Makinami Day 2,197, 22:41

Delbarani.Alone Day 2,198, 23:01


mobi1 Day 2,198, 23:52


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