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Good Morning!!!

Day 1,888, 00:40 Published in Belgium Belgium by BrunoCND

Dear eBelgians,

I wish you / Je vous souhaite / Ik wens jullie

en morgen is



Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,888, 00:43

someone woke up at the right side of the bed this morning 😉

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,888, 00:49


Also, the day after the day after the day after the day after that day is...

BrunoCND Day 1,888, 00:50

Friday? : p

Gyantse Day 1,888, 00:50

Good Morning Mr. Happy guy

mEd de Leeuw
mEd de Leeuw Day 1,888, 00:55

Good morning, enjoy those white landscapes outside (By the window ofc 😃 )

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,888, 01:39

Go out & make a snowman!

BrunoCND Day 1,888, 01:39

it's freezing raining : p

Alexandross Day 1,888, 03:13

Good morning : ]

Lotus Black
Lotus Black Day 1,888, 04:46

: D

Cotarius Day 1,888, 06:21

Good afternoon

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,888, 07:01


Ely.nea Day 1,888, 10:11

tu as bu un peu? 😛

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