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Good friends we have, good friends we have lost

Day 1,825, 15:51 Published in Cyprus Egypt by marcelbok

Yesterday I found a photo from the summer's eCyprus meeting in Thessaloniki.

I realized that many good friends have left from the game. They used to be an important part of my everyday life in the game.

The were really active members of our community and most of them have offered much more than a stranger can imagine.

So I decided to make this article in the name of these lost oldfriends



Balig Edli

Andrei Lebowski

Vincenzo Alessandri




Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,825, 16:01

: ' (

xam xam
xam xam Day 1,825, 16:03

good times

VOREIOHPEIROTHS Day 1,825, 16:03


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,825, 16:15

even tagged on their faces i know who they are and i'm recognizing them all .... nostalgia i suppose for u marcelbok 😕

adamjensenn Day 1,825, 17:28

haha it can not be estimated who is who xdxd dat huge guy ^-^

adamjensenn Day 1,825, 17:29

aelkfdj i came up with a story of throwing up xd

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Day 1,825, 22:35

i just hate you adam

adamjensenn Day 2,163, 13:29

hi there

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Day 2,163, 14:09

yes i hate you too

adamjensenn Day 2,163, 14:32

good old times re

Finway Day 1,826, 00:36

Thessaloniki in my a$$
These fags in my heart
< 3

Megaloxorianos Day 1,826, 03:09

dat a$$... I doesn't matter. It's time for u to meet new people and make new friends

Kaniballos Day 1,826, 05:38

did you learn to roll since then ?

satlak Day 1,826, 06:49

Why you did all the faces like this?I can't masturbate on this...

satlak Day 1,826, 07:18

RIP KypriosEL

RIP iaberis

RIP Balig Edli

RIP Andrei Lebowski

RIP Vincenzo Alessandri

RIP Balboa13

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,826, 07:22


Trumpakoulas Day 1,826, 08:56

διακρίνω : αγυμνασιά, εξωπραγματικές κοιλιές και κατι χοιρομέρια που θυμιζουν ανθρωπινο μπουτι. Αυτα ειναι τα αποτελέσματα ενός ψηφιακου κόσμου boyss!!!

υ.γ ο ''μεγαλος'' αριστερα τι κραταει στο δεξι του χερι? σοκολατες???

Mr. Booker DeWitt
Mr. Booker DeWitt Day 1,826, 12:27

e-cyprus meeting in thessaloniki
seems legit

CamiIo Cienfuegos
CamiIo Cienfuegos Day 1,827, 04:59

beyler : (

H U G O Day 1,827, 06:51

iaberis 🙁
the guy has welcomed me in eCyprus and gave me CS right before he left 🙁
I miss him

Heil Hiedlaism
Heil Hiedlaism Day 1,827, 07:49

еци мшв а ɹǝʞɔnʇszuɐʍɥ

Heil Hiedlaism
Heil Hiedlaism Day 1,827, 10:43

3541 с

Georgelakeland Day 1,827, 12:35


Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 1,827, 13:02

Andrej Lebovski was a real boss o7

Tzengis Xan
Tzengis Xan Day 1,831, 09:39

Πραγματικά κρίμα !!!

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