Good bye Erepublik/aurevoir Erepublik

Day 2,852, 13:52 Published in Belgium Belgium by Ely.nea

You know the real life is not easy, alone since a lot of years with my children, sick (and no possibilities to recover more my health) i thought i will be the one to go on before all my family.

Few years ago, my son had a terrible accident and in 2014 the little boy of my little sister is dead (he was 19 month old). A part of my heart is dead since this time.

Now the father of my children has a terrible accident, he has an AVC, and we don't know if he will survive.

Again, i will maybe see the death in the real life.

The life is hard, but it's the life. when you have a lot of pains the death can be a good friend.

Now i don't make this article to have .... poor christine.

I just want to share you, in pains, with a lot of problems we can stay positive.

I can't stay here, sorry. I have to go to be present for my children.

I'm a mother before all things. Be strong, with a good spirit you can keep the smile in your heart. To be rich there, it's important.

Keep your smile and enjoy your life (not here) where admins are so happy to keep your real money but this one outside. When you see the sun, when you enjoy your friends.... it's the real life. Give you love to each person who deserves it.

I can't make a list i will miss here, because so long.

I will give all my money to my country. I will ask to the president to chose another minister of education (thanks for this job, i had this pleasure all the time i was here)

J'aimerais dire quelques mots dans ma langue natale, la vie est dure oui, mais c'est dans la souffrance qu'on sent que l'on vit.

N'oubliez pas que si un jour on rencontre une épreuve, c'est qu'on est capable de l'endurer. Aucun problème n'a de solution.

N'oubliez pas de dire "je t'aime" à toutes les personnes que vous aimez.
Car il est toujours triste que l'on s'en rend compte quand on les perd.

Un gros bisou à toutes les personnes que j'ai connues. J'ai eu de très bons moments. Merci

Bonne continuation à tous et toutes.