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Gold Strike Casino

Day 1,814, 17:52 Published in Canada Canada by Venoms III

As ElPatoDiablo led the Canadian troops into the battles against Ireland. Venoms went behind enemy lines in search of gold. Legend has it that as Sawc was chased out of Ireland with pitchforks in order to save his loot he hid the gold in one place he knew the Irish would never look.

Venoms went to work pillaging the Irish lands looking for the loot. 3 days later and still no gold he lost hope. As he prepared to row his boat all the way back to Saskatchewan he went to the well to fill his canteen. Much to his surprise he found 200 gold bars laid at the bottom of the well. How he ever got the gold bars out of the well we will never know, but what we do know is that he traded them in for a large amout of Canadian Dollars~

The Gold Strike Casino is eCanadian’s gateway access into winning prizes, cash and even gold. Until more games are added there will be only one way to play... The Slot Machine! consists of 3 different pay options that vary your payout.

Low Baller
A payment of $100 CC gets you a 1-10 chance in winning the Low Ballers Big Prize. You select a number from 1-10. A number at random is selected. If your number is selected you win 3x the amount ($300 CC)

Second Option

A payment of $500 CC gets you a 1-50 chance in winning the Big Prize. You select a number from 1-50. If your number is selected you win 4x the amount. ($2000 CC)

3rd Option
For a payment of $1000 CC you will have a 1-100 chance in winning the big prize!! You select a number from 1-100. If your number is selected you win 5x the amount!

Everyone Is A Winner!
Whether you win the big prize or not you will be sent a gift on behalf of the Gold Strike Casino for playing.

A Draw
All participants a winner or not will be entered into a draw free of charge for a second chance to win!

How To Play
It’s a simple as donating the specified payment options of $100, $500 or $1000 to this account. After the donation is made send a message to the same account with your desired number and within 24hrs you will receive confirmation if you are a winner or not.



Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,814, 18:08

Can't tell if Scam or Shiney BS Article

Sheppherd Day 1,814, 18:09

I vote shiny BS article!

Mythacat Day 1,814, 18:56

I vote shiny BS article x2

weezo1 Day 1,814, 19:06

''bad joke of the day''

Marcel the Great
Marcel the Great Day 1,814, 20:52

lol, Chance 1:100, payout 5:1

Alpha Eagle
Alpha Eagle Day 1,814, 21:00

lol, seems legit!

Uncorporated Day 1,814, 22:37

Ah, lotteries. The sure fire way of taking advantage of the stupid for profit.

Josh Scriven
Josh Scriven Day 1,815, 00:08

why do my odds of winning plummet as i give you more money?

HannyaTR Day 1,815, 04:46

why do my odds of winning plummet as i give you more money?

Pants Magee
Pants Magee Day 1,815, 06:43

I'd be stupid not to give you all my money odds that low! But I can't seem to look away from the sparkly gold banners here.....

so shiny.....

P. Magee

Jaffle Day 1,815, 08:28

Looks like easy money - time to buy some gold to multiply my winnings!

milestailsprower Day 1,815, 10:55

As an economist, I bask in my gold and chuckle at the ridiculous odds.

Oinyo Day 1,815, 11:12

So i give you 1000 CAD,, I pick lets say.. number 55 out of 100.. I lose.

I so this 4 times and win with lets say number 22.. I still lose 1000 CAD in the overall?

1-100 odds paying out only 3X?
My god this is horrible.. You are a horrible horrible person! lol even Vegas has much much better odds.

Venoms III
Venoms III Day 1,815, 11:56

You get back about 25% or more if you lose.
Your a horrible person for calling me a horrible person.

Oinyo Day 1,815, 12:11

I am! I am also a horrible person for creating a rival casino!! 😶 !!

Derphoof Day 1,815, 12:25

I see three people now have some sort of lottery.....

Oinyo Day 1,815, 12:28

Lol its all in good fun EPD 😛

I think because of the horrid economy people are starting to get creative on how to win or make enough to keep competitive...

Of course if it gets to become too much of an issue I would drop my casino 😃

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,815, 13:29

Plato is my casino, he always gives me 1:1 odds. The drinks are damned expensive though.

Uncorporated Day 1,815, 16:56

Congrats Venoms! 24 hours and I believe a number of readers still think you're serious. Successful, and hilarious to boot, troll casino is successful.

This is Onionesque material!

Venoms III
Venoms III Day 1,815, 20:28

I'm just glad I could take part in such a profitable venture

castaneda Day 1,816, 05:36

seems legit : P

Derphoof Day 1,816, 05:50

I'm just hoping I hit the jackpot! I already donated over 9000cc to Venoms along with a ton of messages of random numbers....

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