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Gold Prices at a Low

Day 1,892, 19:53 Published in USA USA by Jmaj

You see this gold? Well it is not good for sellers. Gold prices have gone down. Due to the lack of money offered from jobs, eUSA citizens have had to sell gold for cheap. Once made very affordable, then more and more gold will be bought, making the value of gold go down. I believe if our economic trend keeps going like this, we should set up more communes or government organizations in the country so people can get food and weapons.


Angelo Oliva Jr
Angelo Oliva Jr Day 1,893, 09:32


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Ya Girl D Money
Ya Girl D Money Day 1,893, 18:35

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jkeller4000 Day 1,894, 10:30

it is deflation, the value of the USD is going down, and this trend will continue, unless something major happens! we need more consumers and less production, to bring back the value of the USD.

We need the government to fund the military! (i do not know much about this game yet).
we need welfare. any citizen without buildings gets free food and weapons! thats what we need! increase the workers and lower the managers!

Syz2 Day 1,894, 12:08

@jkeller the government does supply the military, they do give free food and tanks to citizens. Lookup Meals on Wheels and Tank up to Rank up for free supplies. And yes, overproduction due to game mechanics is the cause of the deflation, which is affecting all nations.

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