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Going for Congressmen for NWT, Vote Patar333 if want it your way

Day 696, 12:27 Published in Canada USA by Hale Kane

This will be my second time going as congressmen of NWT, and I how everyone will enjoy having me again as a congressmen. Those who do not know me, I am a popular player throughout Canada, never lie to anyone, and respect everyone with my best behavior. I am going for Congress with a few set of changes to my last which I will discuss in the next line.

One: I will boost up the minimum wage in Canada to 1.70, and ill boost up all the wages in Canada up by a little so you can have more money to save and maybe create your own company.
Two: I talked to the other congressmen about the thing of hospitals or defense’s but they will not make it unless the player give some money to donate to it, I myself will give 20 gold to have this done for the players of NWT to make either a Hospital or Defense system and I will not fail this time. I will make it even with my last breath as congressmen.
Three: If any person is in need of a lend I will gladly give them it as my own money to the people, as kind as I am, I will give the money back to the people, and give to the choice to you to do whatever to the money, or anything else I give you.

As me now one of the congressmen of NWT, I failed you last term, but this will not happen this time, I will put my foot down and make them give NWT a hospital or defense system, I’ll even pay for it myself if I have to. With all my power, I will take back what is truly ours as of its provinces secured by other countries. I will have resistance wars made to get them back. More fighting for others to boost up your health and experience points, and others. Those that do not know me, I am a loyal person to my word, if I can, I can get the items for you, but it is hard to fight to get it because the others don’t agree with me. I was the first congressmen of NWT to step in and have NWT take its place back in the world.

If you want a change to this country and have things done your way, vote for Patar333, for that is the future, you will be the future telling what you need in the government, and you will have your wish if you will have me as one of the congressmen. If any players are in need of moving tickets to vote for me, please contact me and I’ll give you a cheaper price that what the market is selling you.

Patar333, Congressmen of Northwest Territories
Loyal friend to many players on Erepublik



Alaricus Day 696, 12:40

good luck

Banach Day 696, 12:42

I v ouch for this guy. He actually CAMPAIGNS for his province. And he isn't afraid of criticism. In short, he has balls, and many congress members in our country simply do not want to go against our group think

Bashher Day 696, 14:59

This fellow is one crazy mofo...

But if you like the NWT he is without doubt THE guy to vote for

Averic Day 697, 13:01

Just one word "Bravo"

TemujinBC Day 698, 17:18

Don't advocate for raising minimum wage, it will not result in any real increase in prosperity for new players, and it could hamstring companies whose profit margins are tight as it is.

But clearly you love the NWT and would do whatever you could to get a hospital built there. Good Luck!

PimpDollaz Day 698, 18:02

I approve this message

good luck patar333!!!

Wild Han
Wild Han Day 698, 19:14

GO PATAR333 congressman for NWT!

CapoFamiglia Day 698, 19:26

Good luck

Mornek Day 702, 10:52

Good luck in NWT, I know I'll need the luck myself in Nova Scotia.

Velvet Elvis
Velvet Elvis Day 704, 07:27

The north definitely needs a hospital.

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 704, 17:53

thanks Velvet Elvis
good luck in election

The Big Moosey endorses this candidate!

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 705, 12:06


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