Day 3,015, 12:01 Published in Ireland Portugal by Martinho69

… and strokes with the right, as the saying goes.

Today, as I was eating cornflakes while watching one of my favorite show on YouTube, something tickled my palate with a strange taste of rotten faces. I immediately wondered what on earth could possibly have wasted such a bright Sunday afternoon, deep in my dear still French countryside. Well, that was this bloody game, of course.

Let’s just get straight to the point, I believe that not all of us have the same definition of such words as “Republic” or “collective power”. Indeed, Eire Aonair - second party in last CP elections by one fewer vote than the Independent Labour Party - has lost his only representative in the government: Releasethe Krakken has been kicked off the lead, accused of nothing less than “not being an Irishman”. So please let the leprechaun fix things a little more clear for you.
First of all, the biggest issue might be the fact that this procedure did not take place in a constitutional manner. The Holy text (i.e the Constitution, which basically limit the leaders’ power in a healthy virtual civilization) does indeed precise that such a thing must be approved by Congress; which assembly was not consulted on that point, and believe me, it was not an isolated misunderstanding. As one thus said in the thread this afternoon: “I am not even certain whether we should use the word “unconstitutional”, as it is not like they [the Dictator, the government and this goddamn representative chamber] are even trying to deal with such a thing." I would add, if you fellows don’t mind, that the Supreme Soviets won’t deal with the rest of us in the coming weeks either.

Furthermore, one might smartly point out the fact that Releasethe Krakken did already justify his recent temporary change of nationality this week. According to him, he renounced to his Irish citizenship for a little while to find supplies, due to the lack of subsidies toward others military units than the Irish Army – even though Krakken’s one - the Clerics - is by far the most efficient in the country. I’ll let you check out his articles by yourself if you haven’t already done it, so that it shall be easier for you to make an assessment:
Therefore this guy, who does represent 38,16% of our votes, has been fired because he did not dare to let this country die, as it seems that we all need military support at the moment. Then why should we “actively look for international alliances”, as President Winston Hope Smith confirmed me this morning, if we are not capable of supporting those who fight to free us from Lithuanians? Nonetheless, Congress is already useless according to these people so, I mean, why should they defend our regions?

"Need any help?"

As a result my dear fooled fellows, what the Independent Labour Party leaders (of course, the other ILP members have been shafted like all of us), Nogin’s supports, and those who follow their steps around like some sick stray puppies; must understand that they just cheated on the people’s voice. “What a fair manner!” some will ironically say, especially right a couple days before Congress elections coming up this week. But then again, the more the time flies in my smelly room, the more I feel that God has nothing to do with politics and little individual schemings.