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Day 612, 00:16 Published in USA Belgium by Kylero

Let me ask you, are you better off now than you were two weeks ago? A month ago? How about the people who lost their homes and businesses out west to the invading Russians? Where was their government then?

The US Green Party is enacting the Go Green! Initiative. We are planning on expanding the party to include fresh, new ideas, ready to save this nation.

Currently, the US Green Party has 100 members, we are looking for like-minded eCitizens to join our ranks and run support the Green Party's platform for change.

We are looking to double our membership to 200 by the Presidential elections. I understand that many are not active in Sixth parties because of lack of direction and currency, thus leaving for the major parties, but I tell you, the Greens are turning the page on inactivity and are looking to fill numerous high level party positions.

If you're tired of being a number for the major parties, and have a lot of creative advice to offer, or perhaps you're new to the game, and are really interested in the political sphere, we are looking for you, we want you to work for progress, we want you to Go Green!

Please visit our forums at
You can also PM for questions and suggestions!


US Green Party Press Director
Deputy Ambassador to eGermany

Please vote and subscribe! 🙂



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