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Globe Trotter in Ireland

Day 3,276, 10:10 Published in Ireland Romania by Silexu

"Ireland is beloved worldwide as an enchanting land where legend and reality mingle. At one point voted by Frommers Guide readers as their favourite holiday destination in the world, it's now your turn to discover the mystique and charm of the Emerald Isle.", says the author in the following article: 10 Magical Reasons to Visit Ireland.
You can also watch very beautiful pictures about Ireland in 32 beautiful reasons to visit Ireland or 22 Places In Ireland To Celebrate The Emerald Isle.

So you understand why it is impossible for me to choose the best pictures in my article.

Dublin, aerial view

Grafton Street, Dublin

Research Centres, Belfast


Cork at night

Hapenny Bridge in Dublin

Dublin Docklands

Colliers International Dublin

St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin

Library Of Trinity College

St Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh

Old Irish village

New Triton Lake Powerscourt Gardens

Adare Manor Castle Hotel

Rock of Cashel

Ross Castle, Killarney.

Kylemore Abbey

Fanad Head Lighthouse

The Cliffs of Moher

Torc Waterfalls

Beautiful evening landscape

Poulnaborne tomb

Party in Dublin

Irish Girl

Ireland Leprechaun

Traditional Irish Costume

Picture Contest Ireland
I will also copy here for couple of days the result of the picture contest.

The winner is Alexander Jr Allup with (what a surprise) Irish Girl.
What is interesting is that the beauty Ireland competed hard with the beautiful girl. The final standing was:

1st: 6. Irish Girl - 41 vote points
2nd: 7. Rock of Cashel - 41 vote points
3rd: 1. Ireland landscape - 21 vote points

A consolation prize will go to Frida K who sent me very quick the pictures 1, 2 and 3 and provided very interesting explanations.

Globe Trotter in Ireland!
Globe Trotter Itinerary

I have invitations for following countries. I will apply to them as soon as I am finishing with the previous one. If you want me to come to your country and think you can support me in getting CS please send me a message and I will add your country to the list.

I also have promises for support in getting CS for next countries. As I mentioned before, if I will receive a direct invitation, that will mean more interest for the project, so I will add/move the country to the previous list.


Mentalist de Bucovina
Mentalist de Bucovina Day 3,276, 10:18


GrinOne Day 3,276, 10:37

I found the most beautifull picture! ...but then scrolled down and found another one! And anothert one!... So, I can not decide which picture I like the most! I like them all!

Great like allways!

Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Day 3,276, 10:42

Great country, Ireland! I've only been there once, cycling in the south west, but there are so many must see places, one visit is not enough.

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 3,276, 10:48

Nice article as always 🙂

I think i have to visit Irland soon 😃

schich Day 3,276, 10:54


Man of Fortune
Man of Fortune Day 3,276, 11:04


Niemand Day 3,276, 11:06

Ireland seems a very beautiful place. The more pictures I saw the more urge I had to book a holiday. 😃

LittleFishy Day 3,276, 11:16

eIreland is a great small country. If you think about settle down here a little bit, let me know or anyone from the leadership and we`ll provide CS for those looking for some adventure. We have two training wars on, so TP, RW, and RH medals are available each and every day. Taxes are super low, so you can have some great deals by buying/selling stuff at the market. Our community is looking for new active members.

Join our beloved country and share a Guinness with us!

El Che G
El Che G Day 3,276, 13:09


G3rak1 Day 3,276, 13:10


taleum Day 3,276, 13:54


Selak Ivan
Selak Ivan Day 3,276, 14:02

Oh.. Nice pictures!

Frida K
Frida K Day 3,276, 14:21

Hahahahahahaha Ohhh thank you!!! 🙂

It was not necessary, but really appreciate it!

Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 3,276, 21:48


FRITZHILL Day 3,277, 23:07

You'll never beat the Irish!

Alexander Foxx
Alexander Foxx Day 3,277, 02:27

thank u :3

Swoosh. Day 3,277, 02:42

Irish girl
is she, really?

TheTrendoReborn Day 3,277, 04:57

that girl captured my soul, now i know why i wanted to move here

septimo77 Day 3,277, 05:17

very nice 😃
and what a great library

VETERATOR Day 3,277, 06:53


Shawtyl0w Day 3,277, 07:06


Princess of Nigeria
Princess of Nigeria Day 3,277, 07:17


truba66 Day 3,277, 11:24

Niiiice ...

King Trito Fisher
King Trito Fisher Day 3,277, 17:41


Corrrado Day 3,278, 04:24


ichighost Day 3,278, 04:56

U2 and The Corrs, pleaseeeee! 😃

DacianI Day 3,278, 11:20

Belfast is Northern Ireland (UK). At least recently.

Loving U2 and The Corrs, too 😁

Silexu Day 3,278, 12:31

Am tot evitat. Acum asta e!

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