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Give our bazookas back!

Day 1,790, 00:18 Published in Poland Poland by John Bambo

Yesterday, was a pretty normal day - except one tiny thing. During a fight i run out of Q6 (well thats odd 😛 [not]). There would be nothing weird beside fact that my enemy still had some health left. What does game mechanism do in such a case? It keeps on fighting with the next most powerfull weapon (in my case my bazooka with booster was used!). That's not how the battle should look like.

In my opinion the fight shall be stopped in very moment when all of your currently selected weapons will end.
So dear fellow citizens of eRepublic, if this is your point of view as well, send tickets about how this is unwelcome behaviour and it should be changed!!



droplift Day 1,790, 00:24

Yeah!!!!!!!!! That's not the way the battle mechanism should work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jedimindtrick Day 1,790, 01:05

yeah! give him back his bazuka!!!!!111111111111111111

Basowy Day 1,790, 03:43

Blimming bazzokas...

John Bambo
John Bambo Day 1,790, 12:47

ke ke ke

So that really don't bother you??
I bet you don't klick asamble all button to often.
Spodnie, podobała mi się Twoja riposta - ale niestety, ani moje bazooki, ani boostery (których już nie mam przez ten niecny podstęp o którym mowa w arcie) nie podzielają mojej opinii,

Ror4ima Day 1,790, 14:44

John: polecam pisanie ticketow z prosba o oddanie co twoje, mi oddawali czasem batony za przypadkowe zjedzenie.

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