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Get your media mogul medal! S 4 S

Day 1,909, 14:45 Published in Philippines Thailand by CobraaAn


One of the medals easiest to earn is the Media Mogul. People can just Sub each other and all of them can get a few Subs. But, 1000 Subs is needed for one medal, and that's quite a lot.

That's why I'm organizing a Media Mogul Medal Action where a lot of people just have to complete this form:

and then Sub everybody else. It's quite easy, you just write down your citizen profile, your newspaper link and wait for the others to do the same. You can view the spreadsheet here:

And is getting a new medal and 5 GOLD worth making just a few clicks ?

I think so! So hurry up and get your Media Mogul medal. And remember, you have to Sub everybody from the list, so they can Sub you as well.

Dont forget also to vote and sub this newspaper, i owe you o7

If you already sign up in this article, dont do that again here. We are the same group but in diferent countries 🙂


CobraaAn Day 1,909, 14:46

Don't forget to sub mine also : P

anThhraX Day 1,909, 14:47


PutinPOWER Day 1,909, 14:55

Evo ti 74

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,909, 15:05

vote 6 sub before

Roman Legionnaire
Roman Legionnaire Day 1,909, 15:22


MarkoZivancevic Day 1,909, 15:23

Sub imas, evo ti vote 10

CobraaAn Day 1,909, 16:13

Win easy MM medal, S4S ->

Go, now is your chance!! Sign UP!


larrasian Day 1,909, 16:23

v20 s86

Good Luck !!!

Viarizi Day 1,909, 16:26


War3hous313 Day 1,909, 16:40

evo 87. sub na moj racun ; )

Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 1,909, 16:40

v24 s88 good luck

szenzorosintegracio Day 1,910, 08:42

there is a much easier way, cause u dont have to click thousands

DanielGeorgiev2 Day 1,910, 10:02

40/110 🙂

Pepe.ARG.ento Day 1,910, 10:02

v + s

Congmingkeaiyoujiecao Day 1,911, 05:09

V+S Nice Action!

Nazgulcho Day 1,932, 00:13


Oleg vova
Oleg vova Day 1,933, 04:45

v53 s 306

LoganBG Day 1,935, 07:51


weeken d warrior
weeken d warrior Day 1,935, 08:54

57v sub

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