Future community plans

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Dear citizens,

The eRepublik Team is divided into several departments including: development, testing, design, football and basketball. Also the crew in charge of keeping the community of the New World happy (community officers), is formed by members that were once citizens in eRepublik. Since March of last year, eight citizens have been recruited to the team and the journey has just begun.

What is the community department up to in the near future?

Their mission is to represent the community on behalf of the entire team and vice-versa. In order to keep a steady road to achieve this goal they have a strong relationship with the rest of the departments, this way they can confront challenges easily.

To better organize the feedback received from the New World citizens, one of their future tasks will be to provide a ticketing system, which will offer you the ability to view the status of your message, suggestion or report at any time. This is one of the next steps the community department is taking in order to continue the process of optimizing and improving the communication between the eRepublik Team and the citizens. Future projects strongly related to this process include implementation of other communication tools such as private and public chats, and a new forum system.

Along with the development of this cool ticketing system, several administration modules are being integrated in order to have a clean and complete environment for future community moderators who will be recruited starting this summer.

Maybe one of the most challenging projects this year is translating eRepublik into other languages. For this the community officers will closely collaborate with several citizens that have expressed their will to help us bring multi-languages to the New World. The first set of languages include (but are not limited to) Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Swedish and Turkish. Further details about this complex process will be announced in the Insider articles this March.

The three major tasks stated above are just a small part of what the community officers are aiming for in the next couple of months. Other assignments that they will focus on are:

- New contests updated on a regular basis in the eRepublik Arena and also many improvements in the contracts area. Last week a contract model concerning transferring products between citizens was added.

- Continue expanding the idea of contracts as a foundation of the future Judicial System. The experienced members of the community will help with consultancy for this project. Tools that will be provided will keep the “power to the people” as citizens will be able to manage their own community.

- Integrate new entity laws – Community officers have already given a lot of thoughts to these new set of rules and most likely the entity laws will be made public by the end of February. Thus, citizen laws will only be used for citizens and there will be specific laws for organizations, companies and parties.

Thank you all for being a member of the New World,

The eRepublik Team

Important community event: A turn of events took place in Spain, where the new president is alvoske. A complete coverage can be found in the official statement regarding this issue.