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From the Embassy of eSA in eItaly - 13/9/2012

Day 1,759, 13:25 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by anakin987
Hi e-citizens. I am anakin987, Ambassador of eSA in eItaly.

In this article, you will read some eitalian information.


Italian Cabinet information of September (after impeachment) - 2012:

CP (Country President): Fleija
vCP: Feliks Edmundovic
MoD: Kimilla
vMoD: Dark Thunder
vMoD: neorux
CdSM: Ectore
MoFA: Feliks Edmundovic
vMoFA: millyi
vMoFA: Belo Horizontee
MoE: daniele81ht
vMoE: Theozz
vMoE: C14uz
MoINF: Oivalf
vMoINF: Vajura
vMoINF: CyberAngelus
MoI: Giuseppe Stan
vMoI: Emanuele Deriu
Tutor: Riccardo Quarta


Active citizens: 2820
Region: Calabria


Calabria: fish
Treasury: 99.30 Gold and 2409585.91 ITL
No embargoes
- food (income tax 9%; import tax 99%; vat 15%);
- weapons (income tax 9%; import tax 99%; vat 15%);
- food raw materials (income tax 9%; import tax 99%);
- weapon raw materials (income tax 9%; import tax 99%).
Minimum salary: 40 ITL


Top 5 parties:

1) Partito Comunista Eitaliano
2) Aquila et Gladius
3) Libertà eItaliana
4) Iniziativa - Every Single One
5) La Giovane eItalia

The best eItalian MUs:

- Esercito eItaliano
- Tanks 4 Life
- Elite eItaliana
- Audax

Official Newspapers:

- Gazzetta Ufficiale di Governo


> After eitalian impeachment against Castell militarista (ex CP), the actual CP of eItaly is Fleija (the former CP in the "CP elections" of August 2012). Fleija is a member of Iniziativa - Every Single One. And, in several eitalian Governments, he was the eitalian MoD.

> Aquila et Gladius, actually, has not Congress Members. So, Castell militarista, member and actual PP of Aquila et Gladius, has created, after the last "CP elections", a weak Government. In fact, after several days of flames for several situations, by a formal pretest (the Castell militarista Government didn't respect an eitalian law about young apprentices) the eitalian Congress has started an impeachment against Castell militarista.

> There are, now, flashy clashes between the former Castell militarista Government and a big part of the eitalian Congress. Castell militarista, finally, wants give up this browser game, erepublik.

> Partito Comunista eItaliano and La Giovane eItalia are the powerful political parties in eItaly.

> Esercito eItaliano is the only public Military Unit in eItaly. Tanks 4 Life, Audax, Elite eItaliana and others are private MUs. So, only Esercito eItaliano receives, every month, public money from eItalian Government.

> By Greece help, eItaly keeps one region.



Ahmed Ahmed 2
Ahmed Ahmed 2 Day 1,759, 13:32


Gustav IV
Gustav IV Day 1,759, 13:51

Approved by the SAP Leader

Benito Silvestrel
Benito Silvestrel Day 1,760, 02:42

Votato e letto.
Molto interessante.

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Day 1,760, 14:21

Approved by the Kurdish Ambassador

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