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The purpose of this article is intended to show that just like Poland and Hungary have good relationships in RL they still can be magnanimous while fighting against each other in the battlefield. Of course Greeks and Serbians are much closer but we too should be able to be the same way. I would rather have a RL friendship with Serbia like the one we have and be enemies in the game then have it the other way around.

So PLEASE read this article next time we fight against each other in this game, before you send me hate mail. Because we will fight against each other like we have before here, but we will have fun doing so 😉.

Original Article:

This is also a response to From Poland to Hungary.

So Poland and Hungary think they have better relationships than us? Three letters: LOL


Serbian Military Cemetery Zejtinlik in our Macedonian capital of Thessaloniki:

ΡΗΓΑΣ ΦΕΡΑΙOΣ memorial plate in front of Nebojša Tower in Belgrade:

Serbian Museum in Kerkyra (Corfu):

And of course Olympiakos – Red Star Orthodox Brothers:

Which always kick PAOK- Partizan’s a@#es:

We too here in eGreece are waiting for Kosovo to be added to eSerbia

And we hope for a border with Greece. This way we too can fight like Poland and Hungary.

Until then, I invite to down to Greece for some fun. If Poland and Hungary can do it, why can’t we? I wait for you by the Hot Gates in Central Greece. Just make sure you were more prepared than you were in Slavonia 😉

All the best,
Che Greco
President of eGreece
Future President of eGreece and the occupied region of Serbian Kosovo 😃