[Glove] From Democracy to Dictatorship: The Return

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Who would have thought, the guy who dishonorably discharged from the eUS military would one day be president? A 5 time Congressman, vice president, Director of Immigration, Dioist by the Sword, S.E.E.S Party President, Terra HQ Member, Florenciac’s Husband, Special Forces member, Calvaryman, Ambassador to a variety of nations, Secretary of State, adviser to a multitde of presidents, and then the leader of the Free World, twice? Forger of new alliances and friendships? I had a will, I had a dream, and I am but one man, but with you, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are the world, and impossible, is nothing.

I was there, that was me. The first presidency I faced invasions from Poland, Indonesia, and Russia, all of which were thwarted and prevented from annexing our original territory. The second, you were there, till the very end. Many thought there was no coming back, that all was lost. But we came back, stronger than ever, after a great struggle.

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything

From Democracy to Dictatorship?
America, I am a college student, with one week left until summer vacation, but as busy as I have been, even I can tell you, America has been under a political dictatorship for months. Leaders are no longer elected, they are appointed. You know something is fundamentally wrong with the system when the only opposing candidate is Pizza the Hutt

or when the President is not even American

Is there not one amongst you willing to provide, the alternative? Have you become so accustomed to having your leaders hand-chosen for you that you’re willing to bend over and let it happen right in front of you? Love me or hate me, I am unlike every other president, in that I have always based my support on the general populace, not a select party or affiliate, having won my first presidential election with mostly “6th party” support alone.

And also a shoutout to my dear friend, who passed away recently, you'll be missed ;_;

See you soon, USWP.



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