Free q1 house! Ran out of money :( no more free houses :(

Day 3,127, 09:32 Published in USA USA by jkeller4000

I ran out of money, no more free houses 🙁

Because the government has such low taxes. I have some extra cash available.

Because q1 houses will increase everyone production and i like production.

I will give everyone who links their profile one free q1 house. because i cannot give a house i will give you 300 currency to buy a house.

If someone has refereed you to this article please link their profile also. and i will give them 100 usd for referring you.

and if your a foregin citizen, do not be afraid to move to the usa territory and get an american job to make the most of your over time!

Guys you should have told me all my numbers are off!

will try to correct it. houses are 600 not 300 🙁 what was i thinking.

rememebr usa jobs pay the most! your take home pay from a usa job is almost 120 CC. move to an american territory to take an american job.

i may run out of money shortly. so if you do not need a free q1 house please do not comment. once i run out of money i will stop giving out the houses.

if you have extra money and want me to give it out. you can donate your extra money to me and i will be able to help lots more people with your help!

also if you move to an american territory you can buy a american house. they are currently about 580 CC

I ran out of money. no more free houses.