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Free Food and Advice! - Issue 4 - "Almost Full Length!" +eHealth4u

Day 1,532, 05:25 Published in USA USA by Kristof Starkk

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Issue: 4 - Date: 1/30
Last Updated: - 2/06 17:20

(+eHealth4u) Free Food and Advice! - Issue 5 - "Economics" [Volunteer?]

Request supplies! (Level 25 and under) hint: the ~ means there is some leeway.

Weapons will mainly be distributed during attacks on our homeland.

"Making A Difference"
By Kristof Starkk, 1/30

Welcome to the fourth issue of +eHealth4u!
We have some testimonials from people that all of you made happy! They agreed to express their opinions in this paper!

"Thank you very much for both the influx of supplies and for the information as well as the dangers of Pizza. I will most certainly look out for being swayed by the wrong people. Your help is very much appreciated and I am proud to be a loyal US and eUS citizen."


Thanks for the food and knowledge. I have very little understanding about how all this works and the insight and information is greatly appreciated. I also dont have any understanding of the politcs but will study as I can and thank you for the offer of yours and I will let you know.

YOU ALL ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Thank you for everyything that each and every one of you have done! If you would like to contribute further to this cause, message me!

Political Awareness Column - "Top 5 Parties"
by Brotherhood Sniper 1/29

Hello, I’m Brotherhood Sniper; here to tell you about the current top political parties of the eUSA.

1. The United States Workers Party.
-Party President: SGTRock
-National Rank: 1
-Orientation: Center,Libertarian
-Members: 600+
-eRep Link:

2. Federalist Party
-Party President: Molly Emma
-National Rank: 2
-Orientation: Center-right, Authoritarian
-Members: 500+
-eRep Link:

3. American Military Party
-Party President: Cleveland Fleman
-National Rank: 3
-Orientation: Center-left, Libertarian
-Members: 500+
-eRep link:

4. New Conservative Party
-Party President: PigInZen
-National Rank: 4
-Orientation: Far-right
-Members: 350+
-eRep link:

5. U.S. Marijuana Party
-Party President:Jude Connor
-National Rank: 5
-Orientation: Libertarian
-Members: 200+
-eRep link:

Thanks for reading! I hope this has helped give you info on choosing your party out of America’s top 5 best parties.
Also remember the current party president isn’t always the one pulling the strings...

Brotherhood Sniper

Advice Column - weasel2, 1/30
As in all things eRep, subject to change.

Find an employer who will set your salary at 1.00 USD and reliably donate your wage to you. Ask for this. Your donated wage should be (if the income tax rate is 18%) at least 85% of the high wages on the job market. You get more money and your employer pays out less money.

Tax evasion is an honored custom in the eUSA. Tax evasion builds a relationship between the employer and the employee. Don’t overlook your employer as a possible friend and advisor.

Beginning Rules (Complete)

Please PM me with your questions or put them in the comments. Can’t write an advice column without advisees, you know.

PTO Awareness Program - "Introduction ot PTOs" 1/29
PTO Awareness is brought to you by kooguy

A PTO is a Political Takeover. This is when a country takes a large amount of citizens and puts them in an enemy country. Their numbers in the target country grow larger and larger until they are the majority. They can then pretty much control whatever that country does.

To quote the eRepublik Wiki:
"The first political takeover happened in South Africa when Indonesia sent a group of their citizens over to gain the presidency. The world was astonished that something like this could happen. The Forums exploded with the news as always, crying out about how immoral the Indonesian actions were. Despite the fact that the situation was given so much attention, there wasn't much that people could do about it except complain. Eventually the situation died down as there were other things to worry about in our New World."

As you can see this is very dangerous. Many countries will do whatever it takes to keep control in the right hands. You have to be very careful with who you elect to Congress and who you give certain powers to. PTOs can even be started by citizens of the country being PTO'd, so watch out who you trust. Especially if they have a shady history.

eHistory Column - 1/29
by J. C. Magan

The New World has recently passed it’s fourth birthday, with trials of political warfare, economic inflation, and Manifest Destiny spanning across the history of our little world. But in the BETA beginnings of eRepulik, our ancestors have been through their shares of conflict resolution.

It is November 21, 2007; Day 1 of the New World.

Only 43 countries were present at that time, from Argentina to Venezuela. Back then, cities were the hearts of the nations, each acting individually of their local issues. Within, a mayor was elected on the 20th of each month, and they could set the city’s housing and company taxes as well as supply local hospitals. The mayor’s job was to involve the city’s community in local events, lotteries, and campaigns to further increase population to therefore grow their political power.

Expanding political power were the formations of the first political parties. Some of the oldest parties were the Democratic Party of the USA, the UK reform party who are well known to produce UK Prime Ministers, and the famous Stardust Crusaders founded by the Deity Dio Brando.

On December 1, 2007; Day 11 of the New World, political activism grew as eRepublik’s first general elections determined a major step in each country’s history.

Snow_Gibbon is remembered the most as the first Prime Minister the UK, by default as his main opponent became politically disgraced. During his term, many UK citizens saw that businessman Kaleb was able to outshine Gibbon due to Gibbon’s inactivity and Kaleb’s initiative for economic advancement. Kaleb would later win favor in future elections. Due to Gibbon’s less than expected performance, the UK reform started an initiative to increase and advance the UK political strength.

One of USA’s primary eras was named after their first president, Korbin King. During “The King Years”, King formed the first bank of America, the Federal Reserve. It provided a strategic economic asset to newly born Americans during its time, unfortunately the building and system was destroyed along with King’s Memorial hospital during an invasion during World War III.

Dio Brando, better known as the God Emperor of Pakistan, did more of a religious reform than of his political start up. He brought about the first faith in eRep history: Dioism. Believing that humans were birthed from sand, Dioist involve sand in major points of their lives. The baptising of a new-born Dioist is to bathe the child in sand, and a funeral is to place the remains in the deserts of Pakistan. The faith is still strong to this day, expanding worldwide, and will always be strong as the Deity of Dio lives on.

Vote/Subscription Section
Please vote & Subscribe! If you would like to help advertise this program, please contact me. 😃

Supplies Distribution Specialists
Brotherhood Sniper, SDS
Kristof Starkk, SDS

Short Article Writers / Comics
We have 2 potential writers for this section. One comic writer and one entertainment writer!

This position is open for anyone that wants to write comical and/or entertaining pieces for the magazine. It is also for anyone who wants to run a comic in the magazine.

For any writers, your name (containing a link to your paper or profile) will be included in the title-head of your literary piece.

As you can see, there is a lot of writing going on. I don't expect, or even necessarily want, the articles/columns to be long. That is why there are so many contributors. Every can say what needs said without drawing it out, unless they want to. I hope it will make for an interesting read!

You made it to the end of the newest content! How do you feel?
Makes me feel hungry! is the distrbution channel. Apply there for food / supplies!

+eHealth4u is a new organization dedicated to helping new and low level players. As well as giving handouts of food and weapons, we plan to give each serving with a slice of knowledge to help each player grow and learn.
We will also offer sage wisdom and hints straight from eRepublik Veterans' mouths here in our +eHealth4u Newspaper.

+eHealth4u is seeking donations:
• Q1-Q6 food
• Q1-Q6 weapons
Every little bit helps!
NOTE: Please contact Kristof Starkk before sending any donations! (This is for record-keeping purposes)

Volunteers/Advice Columnists:
• Political Awareness Blurb Writers
• Advice Columnists
• PTO Awareness Program Writers
• eHistorians
• Older players for interviews and advice
• Vote/Subscription Recruiters
• Distribution Specialist (we will run a background check, so have a Gov or Military Background)
• Short Article Writers (including the importance of Training/working everyday)
Your name will be mentioned in the Benefactors Section!

NOTE: We will accept military recruiters advertising their MU's (Military Units). Restrictions apply on this and recruiters do not count as benefactors. They must be verified before submitting a meaningful, short article regarding military in the US as a whole. They can still mention their MU, of course 😉

1/23 08:00 - As you may have noticed, the distribution channels are NOW OPEN! Apply for food / weapons at Level ~20 and under only, please. This requirement may change as we receive more supplies. | 15:46 : It was already changed from 15 to 20. ~Kristof Starkk

1/16 19:36 - If all continues to go as it has been, we will be making the projected Distribution Channels Grande opening date of 1/23, thanks to our generous Benefactors! ~Kristof Starkk

1/30 - ISSUE 4, baby! 😃
1/23 - Distribution Channels Grande Opening to new players
1/23 - First New Player Advice Issue of +eH4u Mag!
1/18 - Volunteer Job Description Issue of eHealth4u Magazine!
1/16 - Sent Appeal to Department of the Interior
1/16 - Request Form / Distribution Channels created

2/6 - Next Issue! 😁

*date subject to change
NOTE: We are still setting up supply chains and food stocks, however, if you are a new player in dire need of food, contact Kristof Starkk! Until the health request form is publicized, please only do this in an emergency as there are little to no food stocks available at start up.

Samuel Seabury $2,000 : FIRST BENEFACTOR!
Civil Anarchy $10,000
Brotherhood Sniper 50x Q1 Food, 3x Q6 Wep. | 100x Q1 Food, 15 Q1 Wep. | 115 Q1 Wep., 1 Gold, 5 Q6 Wep., Volunteer Political Awareness Columnist, Volunteer Supplies Distribution Specialist
Jackosbournelookalike 40x Q4 Wep, 250 Q2 Food, 2500USD, .50 Gold
Avren 500 Q1 Food, 50 Q1 Weapons
Axe238Man 1500 Q1 Food, 45 Q4 Weapons
rainy sunday 500 Q3 Food
Gnilraps 50 Q5 Wep.
Colonel Brad Gwatney, USTC 1 Gold, 1500 Q2 Food
code0011 200 Q2 Food | Running for Congress in Wyoming, U.S Marijuana Party
Captain weasel2, USAF 1000 Q5 Food, Volunteer Advice Columnist
Captain J. C. Magan, USTC Volunteer eHistorian
kooguy Volunteer PTO Awareness Program Columnist
First Lieutenant WebMastR, USTC 3 Gold
Rose Lopez 600 Q2 Food
Joesim 2000USD; 1000USD, 500 Q5 Food
Tycomedes 200 Q1 Food, 100 Q2 Food
CMSG IstLtHawkeye, USTC 20 Q6 Tanks, 100 Q6 Food
Because there will (hopefully) be too many to list, I would like to thank everyone who votes and/or subscribes as a whole! (:

Support from Congress!
Congress members! Contact me so that I can add your support to this list!
CII venom - Federalist Party - Nevada

Supporting Newspapers
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News From The Trenches
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WebMastR Day 1,532, 14:13


Kristof Starkk
Kristof Starkk Day 1,534, 09:18

Thanks Webby!!

Kristof Starkk
Kristof Starkk Day 1,534, 09:18

We have an awesome team 😁

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