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Forward Canada Platform

Day 1,834, 12:36 Published in Canada Canada by Jacobi
Forward Canada Platform

I’ve been asked for an elaboration of the general principles I’ve espoused before the Congressional elections. I looked on those elections as evidence for even greater polarization in our community though it is nice that most of Canada’s lulz players have concentrated themselves in one nice ignorable contingent to marginalize and minimize in the daily proceedings of government.

The President has created a new party, showing a lack of judgment, in spending 40 gold, that most of his senior advisors must be getting used to. He has also indicated that he will be running for reelection, which I think would be a mistake to support. After two months of Change-by-the-week grandiose plans with no follow through, wandering from one fleeting thought to the next, I think it can be safely concluded that EPD will not be moving Canada forward if re-elected. EPD could have been one of Canada’s great Presidents, but he wasn’t. Let’s move on.

The following will be the platform for the following month for Forward Canada. This platform is an indication and reflection of where Canadians want their government to go with the experience of knowing what is possible, and what is not, in a one month timespan.

1. Forward Canada will push for Canada’s re-admittance to EDEN.

EDEN is an imperfect vehicle for long term Canadian ambitions, and EDEN has had some difficulties in securing the territory of its members as of late, but the vast majority of Canadians have stated in survey after survey that they do not feel comfortable in any drastic switch of our foreign affairs. Forward Canada will respect these stated wishes.

Some might ask why not to support a new alliance, one that would reflect the old Terra allies with perhaps one or two new additions. Such an alliance would be entirely useless, redundant, and irrelevant without appropriate firepower that old Terra nations simply have no ability to muster. At best it would be a social club, a paper tiger that couldn’t even pretend to have teeth. At worst it would be a non-entity, setup to fail, with IRC channels as empty as were Terra’s in its dying days. Change for change’s sake is distasteful enough as it is, but when it comes to resurrecting thoroughly discredited ideas lines have to be drawn.

2. Forward Canada will push to bring back an actual monthly budget

Monthly budgets based on predictable trends, balanced, and allowing for every player to know how much and where government money is going allows for better decision making in Congress, better opportunities to assess how wisely funding is being spent, and more accountability. This is not a difficult thing to do, and any government with Forward Canada members will do it.

3. Reorient MU funding to infrastructure only

Taxes are wealth distribution. They are funding directly taken from Canadian players who buy on our markets and given to other Canadian players. There is no evidence to suggest that the system in place for MU funding leads to better coordination or a more effective use of military funding than older systems, and there is every indication that the decentralization of military power has made Canada a lame duck ally who can only deliver military support for our allies in piecemeal form. Not even touching the concept that we cannot afford extensive military funding in the present economy, the only rational thing that the current model has going for it is that it is, mostly, equitable.

Forward Canada would push for MU funding to be used to build long term military capabilities with infrastructure, and would support releasing half of the remaining gold reserve to MUs to build their capabilities. Some funding will be released to specific Canadian players at specific required times to ensure that Canada can deliver support at critical junctures by way of supply runs on IRC headed by the Minister of Defence.

4. Taxes at 15%, adjusted for economic conditions.

Forward Canada wants taxation levels to ensure an amount of MPPs necessary (+15) to ensure that there is always a battle going on for Canadians to fight in without having to leave the country. A smaller amount of excess funding would go to infrastructure development after the exhaustion of half gold reserves, and any remaining would be held in reserve for any future economic downturn. Forward Canada will vote down any proposals for tax changes outside of a broader budget discussion. Stability in taxation levels should be a long term goal of Congress. Any tax changes that would be approved will have to be based on math, not feelings.

5. Forward Canada will identify new players to support and encourage them

Forward Canada will support the “Minister of Education” position maintaining a guide and contacting new players to support and develop them in the game. Charitable sponsors will be sought amongst MUs and Parties willing to help new players with starting gifts to quickly complete beginning missions. Forward Canada believes that in these autumn days of Erepublik, legitimate new players who have a desire to play beyond level 20 will be few and far between, but that it is important for our long term interests to find the ones that will and make sure that not having a couple hundred extra cad to fight with a weapon isn’t the reason people quit.

If these are platform positions you can support, and you want to be in a party that will push for these to become the standard, I encourage you to join Forward Canada today. We may not have any Congress members, but we will be moving forward and upward into the Top 5 to provide a consistent and cogent voice in eCanada.

Questions, comments, concerns?
My door is open.


ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,834, 13:05


Greene12 Day 1,834, 13:35

didnt read. is jacobi running for canadian CP again?

klop123 Day 1,834, 13:41

Maybe an official Bank of Canada can be started, make money using loans and such. It will help our new players for sure!

Tyrael.Snow Day 1,834, 14:06

Greene12, looks that wat

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,834, 15:14

Jacobi shouted he's going to try to run, correct me if I'm wrong Jacobi!

MCA421 Day 1,834, 16:14

3. Reorient MU funding to infrastructure only . like that but add they re-pay it with called upon damage, say your mu got x amount so we want a DO / orders set to what we want till debt is payed off. like a damage bank for wars or helping allies.

klop123 Day 1,834, 17:05

MCA421 is on to something!

Jacobi Day 1,834, 17:20

I'll run if a credible candidate can't be found.

If there was a handy screen that showed me what all the MUs were putting as their fight of the day, that'd be a great idea MCA421

Michael 23
Michael 23 Day 1,834, 18:18

Great article Jacobi - good coverage of all the areas.

MCA421 Day 1,834, 19:38

Well u cant see that, but any MU receiving funding from the Canadian taxpayer should be accountable to congress. Set the parameters of damage owed vs $ given and hold MU accountable for re-paying Canada when called to task or cut off funding. MU are just home grown merc units in reality. They should not be a Canadian Military and if used as mercs in defence, MU's should not be subsidized just paid for a task done.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,834, 22:07

yeah. Pay me.

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 1,835, 04:44

new canadian players message me if you need food , thanks

Flashgun Day 1,835, 11:02

With the amount the Canadian gov't is able to afford for MU funding it would take years to help MUs become self-sufficient. I don't know what the exact amounts are but most MUs aren't even given enough to build 1 saltpeter..

Shere Richard Parker
Shere Richard Parker Day 1,835, 20:10

Green maple leaf looks like Pot...

Joe Smith VI
Joe Smith VI Day 1,836, 07:58

Typical Jacobi arrogance. Nothing to see here.

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