Forward Britain!

Day 522, 15:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by MDU Press Office


In recent months MDU has felt that due to the changing climate of eUK certain issues need addressing and to address these we feel change starts at party level.
We need to reform and reinvent our party to fit the eUK climate. We have done this. We push for a powerful eUK that is not afraid to get involved and give their citizens the fun that erepublik should entail. We believe we can bring entertainment to the citizens, but maintain spending in the long run. We believe in faster decision making. We need more actually getting done in eUK. There is much talk but not enough action. We need to give people a real reason to come to eUK. Forward Britain! is the backbone of that reason.

- Nationalism
- Democracy
- Military
- A powerful UK

Say NO to the House of Lords
Say NO to co-ops that harm the government pocket
Say NO to endless mindless discussion with no action
Say NO to inactivity that is sweeping our nation

Say YES to more military action
Say YES to faster decision making
Say YES to ultimate democracy
Say YES to the annulation of ridiculous and un-necessary legislation

By FB! Vice-Party President Tommy Tommasino