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Forbidden love

Day 1,903, 12:16 Published in Croatia Serbia by gogo master

Hello citizens of eWorld.

This is my first article after a long time (almost a year), and I even didn't have intention to write it, but this game is becoming too boring, everything we are doing on this game is because we used to do these things 🙂
We need few changes, but in this article I'll talk only for one change which could change everything.

These four countries are the subject of this article...

I think it will be easy for everyone to agree for a change like this one, Macedonia Croatia and Serbia Greece 😃

But that's not the only reason we should make this change, everyday I see shouts where citizens complain how bad the allies are, they aren't helping, they are looking only for themselves, and yes, it's all true, but noone had courage to make this eWorld better, to make it more interesting, it won't hurt if we try, it's only a game, what's the worst that could happen ?

If this change happen, it will pull with itself another changes, new alliances will be born... I guess 😃

It's time to start a new page on eRepublik and the pen is in our hand 🙂

So, the question is, what are we waiting for ?


gogo master
gogo master Day 1,903, 12:16

Forbidden love

Vote & Shout! : )

Zdlemmy Day 1,903, 12:23


Kumulonimbus555 Day 1,903, 12:23


Popay III
Popay III Day 1,903, 12:26


Greevas Day 1,903, 12:28

What is love?
Baby dont hurt me,
dont hurt me
No more

Bojan Koloren
Bojan Koloren Day 1,903, 12:32


Jol nezunk Miki
Jol nezunk Miki Day 1,903, 12:36

I think TWO and CoT won't dissolute as they are successful alliances (nowadays).However, if EDEN dissoluted, the game would become more interesting with the new CoTvsTWO (and Asgard?) war.

Nikitaras Day 1,903, 12:39

Mekedonia and Ellas are the same why writing it twice?

bezicni Day 1,903, 12:43

: )

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,903, 12:52

Noob x D

bbb_kambelovac Day 1,903, 12:56

balkanika ❤

BlackMK Day 1,903, 13:02

: )

Surgeon106 Day 1,903, 13:03


Tiger Macedonia
Tiger Macedonia Day 1,903, 13:07

А где је печат?

Gorantec Day 1,903, 13:09

Pazi stvarno a gde je pecat?

Lassie se vraca kruci
Lassie se vraca kruci Day 1,903, 13:13

What is love?
Baby dont hurt me,
dont hurt me
No more

bezicni Day 1,903, 13:14


LioneX aKa MeDzeLi
LioneX aKa MeDzeLi Day 1,903, 13:16

LOOL : )

illegal name002
illegal name002 Day 1,903, 13:16

u jau qifsha dekmit be npidh se kejt sllav ini be ropt ngoj jau qifsha , SHIQPERI ETNIKE SKA TJETER.

MDejzi Day 1,903, 13:18

Fail to Serbia and her allies.Albania stands against all of those who join this funny orgasmic love.Thats not natural, that's not gonna happen.
I hope u make at least some subscribes from this funny idea.

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Day 1,903, 13:26

bought votes

Obersoldat Day 1,903, 13:44


MK Stalker
MK Stalker Day 1,903, 13:48

If it is just a game, why you didn't propose Serbia+Croatia, Macedonia+Greece 😃
However, I think that this could be very interesting...

streetvoice Day 1,903, 14:40

What is love?
Baby dont hurt me,
dont hurt me
No more

adidas1993 Day 1,903, 14:57

*ebo vas pecat

john_rambo Day 1,903, 15:48

Croatia is already allied with Macedonia o7

hail Greece

Ivan Vancho Makedonski
Ivan Vancho Makedonski Day 1,903, 16:09

Like MK Stalker said...change the flags, Macedonia + Greece / Serbia + Croatia


And greeks understand this for God's sake...Macedonia is one, and it is not greek, nor has been, ever...

Ivan Vancho Makedonski
Ivan Vancho Makedonski Day 1,903, 16:10


Да те мочам од ќерамиди xD

Blacksat Day 1,903, 16:22

Ivan, did you translate this from your Bulgaro Serbian language?

Im sure in 1k BC ¨Alexandrovski¨ was writting in Cyrillic XD

You are only fooling yourself bro

Blacksat Day 1,903, 16:24

Seriously dont you even feel bad for spitting out all of those BS

Enjoy rest of the plannet

Baranac1 Day 1,903, 16:25

Odakle sada FYRoM u prici?

Ante-os Day 1,903, 17:03

gogo 😘

Tomislav Diablo
Tomislav Diablo Day 1,903, 17:22

Da nismo oterali Bugare iz saveza, savez sa makedonskim Bugarima bi bilo logičan. Ovako teško...

Popay III
Popay III Day 1,903, 17:51

ekipa ista par kul lika i debila 300 : )

I am not dSoKre
I am not dSoKre Day 1,903, 21:49

To try something new it's not normal to make alliance that make sense. Alliance with Bulgaria on the other hand would be something completely nasty, something like alliance between elves and uruk-hai... 🙂

Vulture-man Day 1,903, 22:46

I hope we ar elves xD

AlenJax Day 1,904, 23:47

300 dvajest drugi!

I am not dSoKre
I am not dSoKre Day 1,904, 00:45

@Vulture-man - sure we are, beautiful as we are we can't be anything but elves... 🙂

Arrlo Day 1,904, 07:17

HAIL GREECE! Nothing more to say.

010101010 Day 1,904, 07:33


TheDarkHeinz Day 1,904, 08:27

Heil Jetztschonkaltepizza!!!

TheDarkHeinz Day 1,904, 08:28

Heil Jetztschonkaltepizza!!!

McLarenDr Day 1,904, 08:36

Its FYROM not Macedonia...
when you keep calling them with their fake name,this alliance between serbia and greece wont exist....

Matija Kovacevic
Matija Kovacevic Day 1,904, 08:59

big love druže

silent192 Day 1,904, 10:59

vote svaka cast ovakva promjena bi nam jako dobro dosla da se popravi stanje u drzavama i da mozemo ulagati u ekonomiju a ne u ratove o7

Ante General
Ante General Day 1,904, 15:17


Tomislav Diablo
Tomislav Diablo Day 1,904, 19:14

Ništa od ovoga, budale su oterale slavensku braću Bugare i prigrlile Turke neoosmanlije. Sad smo okupirani već pola godine jer nema Bugara koji su održavali ravnotežu u regiji, a u savezu sa Turcima koji su u RL povijesno gledano naši najveći neprijatelji (gori 500x od Srba).

A Makedoncima su Bugari su najbliži narod (da nije Srba, danas bi oni i bili Bugari) i trebaju biti u istom savezu. Grehota je da se braća krve...

FootFive Day 1,905, 11:52

we are waiting for a better chat system within game... going on IRC is no good for game...

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