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Day 1,815, 12:57 Published in USA USA by Sgt. Flatt

If your new and have many questions and dont know how to grow as a player look no further.
I made a Military Unit that is more 1 on 1 based. Its like flight training in that you start there but move on.
- Ill answer all questions
- Ill help you if you are in need of food or usd
- You will have fun
Basically it.



Lord of the Inferno
Lord of the Inferno Day 1,816, 23:01

There are allready to manu Military Units ... you built that unit only because you had to much money ... you cold have bought with all that money food / weapons and donated it ... it would have helped much more 🙁

Sgt. Flatt
Sgt. Flatt Day 1,816, 08:25

Andel I'd donate it but, there are people who can abuse the system by making alternate accounts.

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