Food Types and Resources

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Alright… In eRepublik there are 7 different Qualities (Q) of food, each giving you a different amount of energy along with it.. Q1 food is undoubtedly the cheapest, but you need many of them to replenish your energy after fighting. Q7 is the dearest but will allow you to hold more energy in your inventory at one time. Your inventory holds 1000 items (more is available to purchase) and the type of food you have will give you a certain amount of energy for a full inventory.


This type of food gives you 2 energy per food. This food is the cheapest of all and is the staple of new players and old alike. Using this food after work and training will bring you back to 100 health (if you are at 100 health to begin with) A full inventory of Q1 food will gain you 2000 health.


This food type gives you 4 energy per turn. Still a cheap food source, but can be difficult to manage getting yourself back to 100 health using this food type alone. Used with Q3 food to make 10 health totals in your inventory is an easy way to manage lots of 10 health for fighting. A full inventory of Q2 food only will gain you 4000 health.


This food type gives you 6 energy per food. This is the middle of the range food and is used mostly by military and fighters alike as is a cheap and quick source of food in fights. Once again, can be used with Q2 to make lots fo 10 health food in your inventory. A full inventory of this type of food will gain you 6000


This food type gives you 8 energy per food. This is a food type that can be found quite cheaply and is used mainly by older players for quick health recover during battles. It is also used by general manager who run their own company. A full inventory of this type of food will give you 8000 health.


This food type gives you 10 energy per food. This is one of the best type of food but it gives you an even amount of health that you are able to acquire. This food type is used mainly by military and militias for rapid health recovery during important battles. It is also used by general managers running their own companies.


A high energy giving food and gives 12 energy per food. Can be difficult to manage when trying to gain 100 energy, but is good for space saving in a smaller inventory


The highest quality food that gives 20 energy per food. Is best used to store a lot of food in inventories that aren’t the biggest.

Although having a full inventory of food is helpful, it may not always be the best idea if you are fighting. Its best to leave a few spaces available if you wish to purchase weapons also. If you are fighting, in the army, or a military unit, these things may be supplied.

Weapons and Food production are all dependent on Regional Resources

Each region or state as we call them, has a specific resource. Some are food resources, others are weapons resources. There are 5 resources in each food and weapons.

Food Resources

Weapons Resources

For a resource bonus to be applied, it must be connected to the countries capital. This can be found by clicking on the Country page. Not all countries have all resources and if a country has 2 of the same resource, only one is used for any bonus received. For example, when Australia has all of its regions, we have 2 double resources. One in food and one in weapons. WA and NT BOTH have a saltpeter resource so only one bonus is applied. The same is with NSW and Tas having cattle as it’s resource.

What is a bonus?

Each bonus gives an extra amount of products produced. If a country has a region resource bonus of Saltpeter, this will give the countries manufacturers an extra 2 weapons produced every time a company is worked. If the country has a Region resource bonus of Grain, this will give manufacturers an added 20 units of food everytime a company is worked. The baselines for a country with no resources is set at 100% where as a country with all bonuses is 200%. each resource that is added gives an extra 20% bonus.

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