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Food from Jungle, day 1,862 - 1,863

Day 1,862, 02:28 Published in New Zealand Slovenia by Ekfant

This is help for ONLY our eNZ kids!

If you are from level 1 to including level 27, you can ask once per day for "Food menu".

So if you want to get it, just put in comment --> Food menu

You'll get 50 100 q2 FOOD


- I will give reward for vote's.

- I will give reward for jokes.

I will choose which will get this, and for reward wi'll be 25 50 q2 FOOD.

Donations in the previous article:


Vote + Sub + Shout 🙂




Solinar Day 1,862, 02:35

Vote my friend

Ekfant Day 1,862, 02:42

Thank you my Mentor! : )

captain eq
captain eq Day 1,862, 03:40

Food menu

Ekfant Day 1,862, 04:01

you'll get it ! : )

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,863, 18:10


sawone93 Day 1,864, 11:59

All the best!

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