Day 4,589, 14:07 Published in USA Pakistan by Dio Buttercup

Hate me yet, good let's continue.

Somebody was an idiot, he was a police officer. Not the first this happens over and over. Happens all the time, but it always goes out of proportion when it comes to ethinicity. Black lives Matter, yes they do.

Overreaction however is not the answer. I mean seriously, abolish the police dept? Take all there funds and use them for social services? Who comes up with this shit?

When the local white guy crack addict holds up the pharmacy who's gonna catch him (happened here).

Because of profiling? Sure there's no black street gangs, no italian mafia, no russian mafia, no islam terrorists, no biker gangs(mostly white), etc.

Pull your heads out of your asses. Anarchy without police? I hate them as much as you but there you go.

Hate messages follow,

Dio Buttercup