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Flight Training Memo - From the CO

Day 1,865, 17:28 Published in USA USA by Synesi


Effective as of January 1, 2013, I Synesi (son of Someone Important) resign from my position as Commanding Officer of the United States Armed Forces Flight Training Program.
I have been in charge of Flight Training since its creation 6 months ago and I look upon it now with great pride. We started with just three officers and now we have several Training Wings that are filled to the brim with young and eager patriots.

As CO of a successful program, it is easy to take all the credit for its success. However, the officers of Flight Training work as a team and it is because of them that Flight Training is such a success. I cannot begin to express how incredible my officer corps is and I want to name them individually because they all are fantastic individuals.
I am including both past and present officers.

Fhaemita Malodorous
Sean Virden
Brandon Brugsford

Flight Training would not be where it is today if not for these dedicated individuals.

The PotUS and SecDef have already approved my recommendation for Fhaemita Malodorous to take command of the Flight Training program. There is no doubt in my mind that Fhaemita will do an excellent job.

While on the topic of excellent jobs, I want to commend both Creitzell and Emdoublegee(and their staff) for the work they have put into the USAF Air Force branch. Several months ago, they were left to pick up the pieces when the previous command team left. They rebuilt Air Force from scratch and there has been an unprecedented level of cooperation between Air Force and Flight Training ever since. Keep up the good work AF o7

For my last act as Commanding Officer, I would like to take a moment to dedicate an award to a person that has been immensely helpful in welcoming new Flight Training troops and assisting them as they visit #FlightTraining on IRC. He has been an asset to Flight Training from day one, and it is with great honor that I present the Flight Training Distinguished Wingman Award to Plout, Commander of the Ultramarines and all around cool guy:

With this I bid you adieu, since I am also leaving eRep to visit the land of Two Clickers, I wrote a separate article for that.

All the best,
[Commanding Officer]


potato134 Day 1,865, 17:46


Inwegen Day 1,865, 18:08

Bai mate. FT will not be the same without you. Godspeed Fhaemita

fingerguns Day 1,865, 21:23

FT taught me a lot when I first came back. I don't know you very well personally, but I've seen you in action. You'll be missed.

Plout Day 1,865, 21:53


Well, maybe you can, but as long as you still show up on Steam >_>

Nuriessa Day 1,865, 22:47

Best wishes Syn!

TellUrGrlThx Day 1,866, 23:35

We'll miss you. It was also nice meeting you. Good luck wherever you end up in the future. I'm sure you're always welcome back.

l Donkey Kong l
l Donkey Kong l Day 1,866, 23:45

★AIM HIGH★, General Synesi.

Congratulations, General Malodorous. And General Plout for award.

samdexter Day 1,866, 23:46

syn|out in style...FT officers salutes the commander and congrats to Fhaemita

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,866, 00:31

You'll me very much missed in FT 🙁


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Day 1,866, 00:53

It's a shame to see you leave. I have only been back to the game for less than a month, but you have been one of the most active and helpful people I have seen. Cheers, and best wishes to you in all your future endeavours.


GladiatoriKS Day 1,866, 09:35

Wow. Forget about AFA PTO. Now THIS is a big loss for eUSA. I'm so sorry to hear you're leaving Synesi. You are by far one of the most valuable officers, and players overall for that matter, I've met in eUSA. Hope you come back soon...!!!

All the best,

BeeBeeBee Day 1,866, 11:23

- You set the standard, Synesi - a standard held high. I will miss you, we will miss our fearless Commanding Officer and I'm proud to Wing Man beside Fhaemita. Flight Training. rocks -
- Bee

Don't let civilian life turn you to a mushy couch potato. 😛

eShades Day 1,866, 12:53


LiL Serxhio
LiL Serxhio Day 1,866, 13:24


Rushaun Day 1,866, 18:02

Good Luck out there in the RW, we'll miss ur pranks and ur leadership which has made me the officer I am today.

Sean Virden
Sean Virden Day 1,869, 10:48

bro-speed synesi

S-Mac31 Day 1,874, 13:51

Thanks for the kind words, we miss you already!

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