First impressions about the latest military module

Day 1,043, 04:02 Published in Croatia Colombia by W.A.R
Hello everybody!

The eRepublik Team seems to have acted quickly regarding the drastic fall of the global ePopulation and the activity of the citizens, and therefore decided necessary the introduction of another military module. It is, as we know, strictly related to the economy, so the consequences have affected this module as well.

I invite you all to read the latest 2 articles from the eRepublik Insider to keep up with the major changes implemented.

At a first look, this 3rd version of the military module hails from the beta version of 2008, from which it borrowed the PvP (Player-versus-Player) concept and where the damage influences The Wall. Because the v1 wall became so boring for the majority, the new wall was fragmented into many independent sections which have to be conquered for the victory to be attained. As Rising came with 4 specialized weapons categories, these have been adjusted, but kept. The graphics maintains a high standard as the Rising battlefield - flash-based, huge resource eater - disappeared.

The eR Team decided to launch the module directly, without any pause or any prolonged beta-testing period, resuming to a first and single TW (Training War). It is now finished, as for the next 24 hours finishing touches and adjustments will be made.

All the 4 types of weapons (tank, air-unit, artillery and riffle) have been taken to the same Fire Power level. A Q5 weapons company disposes now of 150 customization points, which can be used for 2 purposes: Fire Power and Number of Uses. As a result, there is a 5 Uses and 100 Fire Power points weapon, or a maximum Uses, i.e. 10, and 50 Fire Power points.
Q4 companies dispose of 120 customization points, the Q3 of 90, Q2 of 60, and Q1 of only 30 points.

I have used the concept of Fire Power (as it appears in the game) as it does no longer represent the basic damage that a weapon holds; the new damage formula was not made public yet. I can say that a Field Marshal rank (Rank points: 191328 / 224999), tank skill level 11 (Veteran😉 and using as weapons a Q5 tank with 100 points on Fire Power, I have done a maximum damage is a single fight of 56. Compared with Rising, where the normal damage I did was ~28 (with a critical hit of 42), we can see a doubling of the damage, but I cannot momentarily guarantee that this will remain the rate in the new module. The much criticized Critical Hit seems to have disappeared also with the Miss chance.

A new military skill migration will be scheduled, so I recommend reading carefully the new information that we will receive, to make an efficient, if necessary re-migration.

The v1 Wall was broken into 16 sections, each side with 8 sections. You can see them under the shape of crowns, placed under the names of combatant countries. Each battles takes up exactly two hours (without any additional time, as we know) and each battle will be won by one side or the other. To obtain the victory, one side must gather 8 of these battles, resulting in a 16-hours minimum time fight, and a 30-hours maximum time fight.

It is somehow wrong to call this version a Wall, because compared to v1 - where we started from a number of “bricks” that had to be either maintained over a certain level, or crashed under a critical level - now, between the two countries there is a Domination Bar. The winner country is that which dominated after the two hours. To dominate, your country has to gather more than 50% influence over the bar.

The moment you enter the battlefield you will be automatically assigned an opponent. You can choose your weapon from the inventory, you can choose to attack using a SOLE booster (with the price of 1 Gold), and you can regain your health. You can see as well the name of the opponent, the skill and the weapon he is using that moment and his health.

As you press FIGHT, the fight takes place. You can imagine that in front of each combatant there is a micro-wall, which represents their health. For each attack launched, the attacker loses 10 Health Points from his micro-wall. The attacked combatant will lose from his micro-wall the amount of damage inflicted by the attacker, a.s.o until one of the two has maximum 10 HP. I have used the term of “micro-wall”, as in fact, the attacked combatant does not “feel” nor see the received damage. The health of a combatant will remain unchanged regardless of the quantity and quality of the received attacks, but will drop each time he attacks.

As well, at each FIGHT, the weapon will lose 1 Use. The moment a PvP fight is over, you can see as in the example below, how many rank points you gained and the amount of influence you brought to the Influence Bar. By clicking “Add Influence”, you add the points to your total, in order to gain a Battle Hero medal. The influence over the bar, as well as the addition of the points in your personal military profile is done automatically. You will gain 1 experience point, every time you hit the Fight button (the following print screen wast taken in day 1042; in the latest insider they have announced this update)

Each time an attack is launched, the attacker loses minimum 10 HP. Guessing that you enter the battlefield with 100 HP, you have maximum 9 free fights, as a result of which you will remain at 10 HP. To regain you health, there are the same ways: hospitals (in defense), eating food (up to 300 HP), Health Kits and houses (at Day Change).

The hospitals will be used EXCLUSIVELY by the defenders! They will offer maximum 10 regenerations of 10 HP (Health Points), but we do not know if it is per round, battle or day.

In regard to the economy, the changes made to the military module seem to be welcome, as it is for seen a rebirth of the weapon companies of all qualities, consequence of the reduction of no. of uses. The weapon production will be leveled, being necessary the same amount of raw material and having the same productivity formulas regardless the type of the weapon. Per unit, the quantity of the raw material dropped, for example a Q5 air-unit needed 2250 titanium units in Rising, now it needs 300. This drop was imperative necessary due to the drop in no. of uses.

What we still don’t know:
-what is the new influence of military ranks? (Keeping in mind the supposed disappeared critical hit)
-what are the importance of the location and the operating mode of hospitals and defense systems? (There is used in the game the phrase “If near the battlefield there is a hospital ...”). We still don’t know if it comes back to v1 positioning of hospitals, as the Rising positioning is no longer able due to the disappearance of tile battlefield.
-which are the differences between the weapons? Are there any advantages of ones over the others? The terrain advantage disappeared along with the removal of tiles.
-Damage formulas
-Super Soldier medal awarding
- the existence of Santa Claus and Easter Bunny

All of the above facts are personal opinions and observations (which belong to me, to elbanderas82 and to some other people I've talked to yesterday), I do not guarantee for their future validity.

Many thanks to seeinvoices for the English translation of the article!

Thank you for your attention and i hope the infos I have presented to you will be helpfull.