First article of eMontenegro embassy to ePoland

Day 2,137, 11:57 Published in Poland Montenegro by boris020

Dear citizens of ePoland,

I am an ambassador of eMontenegro to ePoland and I hope that this is one of my many diplomatic articles in this powerful and amazing country,also our strong ally,ePoland.

In this article,I will not write a lot,my main goal is to introduce myself and help our countries cooperate on even higher level.

My name is Boris and I joined eRepublik so I could help my country in this amazing game.

eMontenegro is currently in tough position,trying to win an extremely tough battle against strong eAlbania and,of course,I must say that I appreciate any help coming from our allies,including ePoland.

During this week I tried to contact both the country President and the Prime minister of ePoland,but unfortunately I did not manage to interview any of them.

In this article,I would also like to express my wish to make an interview with someone from ePolish government as a good start of my career as an ambassador 🙂 .If anyone is willing to participate,please feel free to PM me anytime.

At the end I hope that I can contribute to cooperation between eMontenegro and ePoland and I hope that our players will fight together in battles that are about to come.

Ambassador of eMontenegro.