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First Address to the People

Day 1,782, 14:46 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by Valentyme

First off I would like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me. It is a true honor to be voted as Prime Minister of one of the greatest eNations in the world. I will work my hardest to ensure a successful New Zealand for the next month. I want to reassure everyone that we will retake regions for the congressional elections through either diplomatic means or through military means if necessary. My team and I will soon be working on a plan to accomplish this, so stay tuned for more details.

Without further ado, here is your 2012 October Cabinet:

Vice Prime Minister:

Minister of Defense:
Dizzy Ramone
Milos Obilic 13011986
Avarel Dalton vMoD

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Spud of Doom
jny123 vMoFA

Minister of Finance:
Mister Terminator

Minster of Information:

*** All positions have now been filled***

I know all of these people will work hard towards what we all want, a strong and prospersous New Zealand.




Dizzy Ramone
Dizzy Ramone Day 1,782, 14:50

Congratulations and best of luck you inbred halfwit !!

Cp6cku Xepoj
Cp6cku Xepoj Day 1,782, 14:53

Good luck !

DrMr Lazzy Ass o7
DrMr Lazzy Ass o7 Day 1,782, 15:03


prettypanda Day 1,782, 15:47

Make us proud Valentyme!

McGinty.dc Day 1,782, 18:52

Hail NZ

GraveyarDeImperium Day 1,782, 21:06

Congratz mate

Malgoo Day 1,782, 21:23

hey! where's the MOKVA (Minister Of Kicking Valentymes Ass) role I was promised? 😃

CrackShotNZ Day 1,782, 22:06

Congrats mate, looking forward to assisting you this month 😃

EternalLightStream Day 1,782, 23:55

one of apocalypse signs ..

Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,783, 02:42



Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 1,783, 02:54

Nobody from srpski korpus in government?.. :PPPP vote just cuz Mister Terminator... 😃

P.S. Sophie
P.S. Sophie Day 1,783, 03:27

Good luck !

Valentyme Day 1,783, 04:19

Thanks to everyone o7

@Krupanjac: I asked someone from SK, but the declined. Also asked someone from BH, they also declined. If anyone wants to be in my cabinet I can find them a place, and I am especially looking for an experienced member to join my MoFA team still.

Evliya Celebi.
Evliya Celebi. Day 1,783, 07:11


Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,783, 08:14

val don't worry ; )

ask mcginty or someone from sharks nz, they are active and from my experience they want to be in eNZ gov.

Valentyme Day 1,783, 08:19

@Terminator I got McGinty and Fantastiko so far 🙂

Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,783, 10:49

they are great workers, good to see them in team!

Vilar47 Day 1,783, 14:52

V 32

Valentyme Day 1,783, 15:46

The latest additions to team are Stylerfpc, Milos Obilic 13011986, Fanktastic, and McGinty.dc.

@Malgoo: oh I thought you'd be better as the court jester 😉

Lonely Fighter
Lonely Fighter Day 1,783, 23:12

Vote & Sub

Congratulations and Good luck.
eGreek Ambassador for Oceania

IlichRamirezSanchez Day 1,784, 01:51

I will fully try to be worthy of your trust

EternalLightStream Day 1,784, 04:53

thx god i am not active anymore....

Crusadercarl Day 1,784, 13:51


About time.

Da Dottore
Da Dottore Day 1,786, 13:08


Jeff Dude Lebowski
Jeff Dude Lebowski Day 1,793, 05:41

Best of luck, eUS Ambassador in New Zealand

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