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Fingerbanged by broken fingers! and/or USA wants to be CoT puppet member!

Day 1,880, 00:33 Published in USA USA by Nadrqan

In this article of our cute president we found out few interesting facts.
One of them is that USA plans to join CoT as a trial member and that US plans to keep fighting agianst "AFA PTOers".

Well, we could say that current political situation in USA is a bit odd to the point where USA wants to join an alliance highly influented by US enemies.

For example, probably one of the most influental Bulgarian players. eDark Angel don't approve American fight against "AFA PTOers" and post such comments in American press and accuses some of the top USA "ATO" parties of bringing Croats and Romanians in USA.

Furthermore, you could say that New Zealand and Macedonia have close, unbreakable ties with Serbia while Chile and Bulgaria have excellent relations with Serbia which is probably considered as an Arch Enemy in USA.

One NO from Serbia or Poland and entire American adventure with CoT could be easily over for good.

Maybe I am wrong, but judging from these leak logs someone could think that TWO/CoT plans to use USA as a damage puppet state without giving them any rights whatsoever.

Maybe this article of mine has some mistakes and maybe something of the written isn't right because I don't have enough information.
Afrer all, I was gone from erepublik for more than a year, so I missed a lot.

But, honestly, I think that this is the most desperate situation that EDEN has seen and that huge geopolitical crisis is hitting USA as well.

USA has no true allies, and those with who she want to be allied with don't give a damn about her.



Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,880, 00:37


nuno258 Day 1,880, 04:34

aahhhh now i get it...
they drive all attention about pto to AFA. while all eAmericans are looking to us, on the other side they are doing the pto atacks...
a diversion...
very smart

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy Day 1,880, 06:10

Not to mention how 6 months ago, Macedonia, Indonesia and Mexico, were enemies, and now they want to be allies with them??? I think USA is just looking for revenge for CTRL, they want to break ties between CoT and TWO by being the factor of instability inside CoT, which should not be allowed

pop George
pop George Day 1,880, 13:03

Ajay propaganda, interesting that your article gets a few votes and even fewer subs...

Nadrqan Day 1,880, 15:13

I am new player as you can see, even though I played this game long ago and came back now.
This article contains very simple questions and as I can see you have no answers and you are trying to discredit me.

Simple questions.

1. How USA plans future in CoT which is highly influenced by Serbs when at the same time consider Serbia an enemy?
2. Why Bulgarian officials claim that there is no PTO going on in USA when current goverment claims otherwise?
3. Why Bulgarians accuse current goverment of bringing EDEN citizens into USA and find that problematic when current USA goverment plan to defend from PTO?

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