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Financial advice for new players

Day 1,895, 15:25 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by nathaner

This article will be a short one and is just some basic financial advice for new players.

Buy damage not energy

if you want to get a shiny battle hero medal buy bazooka parts not energy bars because they are cheaper and much more effective ( only buy scopes and projectiles , you will get lots of the others so theres no point )

dont buy weapon companies, they will never be profitable. buy aluminium mines they are the cheapest per WRM and WRM are more valuable than FRM .

get a commune job, even if they have low wages , selling the tanks is more money than a market job. there are lots of communes so its your choice where to go .

buy q2 or q3 food , it is almost always cheaper than the rest per energy.

upgrade your basic training grounds as fast as possible , the extra super soldiers help you get a few gold each month.

apply for the NHS and get FREE food every day.

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Huey George
Huey George Day 1,896, 02:36

Voted, some solid financial advice for all new citizens to strongly consider.

On Guard

Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor Day 1,897, 03:15

Short article, but it contains all the advice necessary... There's no grand strategy to make money with the market being this fucked... voted!

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